There can be only one…Retribution army I lose with

Our monthly tournament was this past Sunday at The Only Game in Town.

The tournament format is Highlander which means:

  • 1 List
  • 1 Solo
  • 1 Unit(but it can have UAs and WAs)
  • Only 1 of each Beast or Jack

It’s a fun format because it stops spamming things.  It also forces you to run Jack/Beast heavy when it’s 35 points, like ours is.

I planned on running Retribution again but I was really unsure about what to run.  They often have not only many solos but many of the same solo so it felt as though the format was both hindering and not representative of a “normal” game with the Retribution.  But I was just going to have fun at this point so it really didn’t matter.  I was considering not going since there wasn’t really an army I was inspired to play, but since I’m missing next month’s tournament which happens to be on my wedding day, I figured I’d throw some models on the table, get some games in and have some fun.

The list I decided on was:

  • Rahn
  • Full Invictors + UA + 2 Souless Escorts
  • Phoenix
  • Manticore
  • Chimera
  • Eiryss

I know that Rahn’s feat now only applies to him, but I didn’t have many jacks and the mage squad didn’t really take up enough points.  I still figured that boosted Force Hammers on his feat turn with so many jacks around would allow the invictors to shoot some casters and locks.

As a note, I had thought that I had 1 more souless escort build than I did, so I was only actually playing with 1.  They were only in there because I had extra points anyway.

Game 1

My first game was against Geoff of The Dice Tower Gamer Tek and Ludology podcasts fame.  His game The Ares Project is out later this year, so everyone should check that out.

He was playing the Butcher with Beast 09, Torch, Spriggan, Juggernaught, Mechanics and a Wardog.

I felt sort of bad in this game as I kept playing pretty cagey.  I put polarity shield on the invictors and slid to my right as he advanced forward in a wall.  When we got close, I moved my Chimera to the side of his wall of jacks.  Rahn then Force Hammered the spriggan into Torch knocking them both down.  Eiryss disrupted the spriggan so that it could not shake and charge my Chimera.  The invictors moved up to CRA the spriggan doing minimal damage but with polarity shield up, they were safe.

This happened for another turn.  Then the next turn I was able to slam a jack over the Butcher.  He also got disrupted so that him and his knocked down jack couldn’t shake and the invictors got some good damage in.  The next turn Geoff got some of his jacks into melee.

At this point, the only way to get Rahn a good Force Hammer angle was to move him into combat with Beast 09(brave little elf) telekinesis him toward the Butcher and hammer him.  It worked and the Butcher was knocked down.  This is where things turned south.  2 of my 3 man CRAs rolled the dreaded double ones leaving the Butcher with 3 wounds left.  Also, Eiryss was unable to get out of combat with the war dog.  If she moved, she’d just get counter charged and stuck again.  Rahn then quickly took an ice axe to the face.

Geoff was a blast to play against.  Like I said, I was torn between doing what I felt was the best bet strategically(what I ended up doing) vs not delaying the game.  During those first turns, I took most of my time and Geoff took like 3 minutes.  He was a great opponent and I couldn’t have lost to a nicer guy.

Game 2

I played against Davie with Trolls and Gunbjorn.  It was a new caster for me.

Not a lot to report here as I ended up just getting pelted to death by Gunbjorn, Blitzer, Bomber and Impaler.  He was hard to get to with his Fennblades blocking the way and the 2 rock walls he could put up.  Davie was a great opponent though, and the shooty trolls were more fun to play against than other rage heavy armies.

Game 3

In game 3 I played against Natalie who came all the way down from Massachusetts to come to the tournament.  She was playing an expectedly ranged heavy eLylyth list.  This also ended with me being bombarded by long range shooting.  That Ravagore has a really good range on her feat turn and Rahn was sad.  Natalie was great to play against as well and we got to talk about her local area since the game ended so quickly.


At this point I was beginning to think I was having some bad karma from being so cagey in my first game playing against so many ranged lists which are my least favorite.  Not because they beat me but because the game is so boring.  Davies actually had some interesting points with me trying to kill the right Fennblades to avoid Vengance strikes but still not my ideal game.  At least my opponents were all fun to play against.

Game 4

Interestingly enough, I played Geoff’s son Brian in the last game.  He was playing an Amon list with a bunch of jacks, the choir and a vassal.  Amon turned out to be an interesting opponent because knocking him down didn’t really help that much and he could not be CRAed.  There was some positioning in the beginning ending with my Invictors with Polarity Shield lined up against his jacks some of whom were behind a wall.

At this point I had to decide between trying to take out some of his jacks and play the attrition game or go all out and try to shoot Amon up.  I figured I’d lost all the previous games anyway so I should just go for the glory and see what I could do.  I had gotten lucky with my invictors  and the fire on a number of them went out.  Allocated 4 focus to his jacks, popped his feat and force hammered a jack over Amon doing a bit of damage.  Amon was now knocked down(irrelevant) but visible.  Eiryss hit him with a disruptor bolt dropping his armor.  The invictors who could see him aimed giving them 8s to hit while the ones who had to move needed 10s.  I got lucky and 2 of the 3 needing 8s to hit and the second needing 10s also hit killing Amon.  I had a few more invictors, a loaded up manticore and a phoenix still to go, so I think I had a pretty good shot even if the invictors weren’t so lucky.


The list actually worked out better than I thought it would.  One thing I didn’t like was how shooty it became.  As you may have figured out, I’m not a huge fan of heavy ranged armies.  I had thought that since most of the army have dual roles(jacks, invictors) that I would have a lot of options.  What seemed to happen was that I played toward the opponent’s weakness.  Since I got destroyed by the ranged armies, I didn’t have much chance to use the combat potential of the unit.  When I played melee heavy armies, the ranged component worked well.  I think that with more practice, I’ll learn some more tricks.

As a side note, this week was the first time I had played a game with a unit with CRA.  It provided an interesting set of options and seemed a little easier to put into use than CMA.

I’m definitely a fan of the invictors.  I’m thinking that I might actually use the Griffon with them to make the Flank easier to use.

I still think that Rahn has so many tools to pull out options of so many situations.  I’ll be starting to look at other casters I’ll like to play.  Ravyn is out but the others are all in play.  It will be interesting to see what we get in Wrath.

3 thoughts on “There can be only one…Retribution army I lose with

  1. It didn’t sound like you were aware of it, but the Invictor’s UA officer grants them the ability to re-roll missed CRAs. That probably would have made the difference vs the Butcher.

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