Gallery: Grundback Gunner

After painting a jack for my Retribution and getting started on my Invictors I followed my plan of switching to another model for fun.

I love the look of the Rhulic models and I picked up some of the gunners and blasters recently.

There are two things which inspired my paint scheme for the Rhulic models.  First, I really like both khaki and military green schemes on the armor of the jacks.  Secondly, why I looked at the Highshields, they remind me of Men-at-Arms with their shields.  Then, when I look at the Forgeguard and the jacks, their face plates and helmets remind me of knight helms.

Therefore, I decided to use the two schemes I like, and paint the models with different variations with those to colors.  For example, this first jack I painted was split in half vertically.  For other models, I might do it quartered, split diagonally or one color alone.  This should add some variety while maintaining the scheme.

For this model’s base, I followed a base tutorial from Hand Canon Online.  You can find the tutorial here and here.

Here are some shots of the base by itself:


Here’s the Gunner:



Questions and comments are welcome as always.

One thought on “Gallery: Grundback Gunner

  1. Great, now I can’t use that scheme, haha. That was my plan too, in Dark Angels chapter style. I think Khaki and Beige are the best neutral colors and fit Mercs very well. Good job on this, very clean!

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