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Warstore Weekend 50 Point Steamroller

After the late night on Friday at The Warstore Weekend playing in the 35 point Steamroller, I was pretty pumped up about playing Retribution.  My original plan was to play in Saturday evening’s Hardcore tournament with my Cryx(who are fully painted) but 2 things changed my mind.  First, I was having a blast playing Retribution, especially Kaelyssa.  Second, the TO announced on Friday that they would start the Hardcore whenever the Steamroller was over, whether that was early or late.  I thought that this was pretty odd.  Starting late I understand but that they would start early potentially making people miss it I didn’t like.  With that the 50 point Steamroller was on!

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I got a can for ‘ya Lists

As I have said, I am going to be attending the Warstore Weekend next week.  I would like to get to playing my Retribution more and what better way to learn than to throw myself into a convention.  The first tournament on Friday night is ‘I got a can for ya!!!’, a 35 point, 2 list Steamroller with 7 point reinforcements.  I’ve got some lists in mind which I shall share here, and update pending any changes.

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Rahn with Hyperion battle report

This past Thursday, I finally got a chance to play with the Hyperion during the Dark Secrets league.  I chose to go with Rahn since he his the caster I am most familiar with since I was trying out the Hyperion.

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Hyperion’s first outing

On Thursday, I finally got to play a game with one of the Hyperion lists for Retribution I’ve been planning.  I got to play a 50 point league game.  He was playing Kara Sloan.
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Retribution Hyperion test lists

I’m going to try to get some games in tonight with my Hyperion.  I may be taking them to The Warstore Weekend tournaments.  The casters I think I’d like to take are of course Rahn and also Vyros.  I may also want to try Ossyan as well.

I’m going to prepare 35 and 50 point lists for each so I have options depending on what people want to play.

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Hyperion GO!

The great and powerful Geoff Engelstein of The Dice Tower, Ludology, The Ares Project and Space Cadets fame, was kind enough to procure a Hyperion for me from GenCon.  Since it looks like it won’t be coming out until October, I was all about getting one early.

I was able to get it assembled this week.  It was pretty easy to get done and it looks great.  I will be posting pictures soon.

I’m pretty excited to get in a game with him.  Hopefully I will be able to tomorrow with the NJSOBs.  All I have to do is decide which caster to try first.

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There can be only one…Retribution army I lose with

Our monthly tournament was this past Sunday at The Only Game in Town.

The tournament format is Highlander which means:

  • 1 List
  • 1 Solo
  • 1 Unit(but it can have UAs and WAs)
  • Only 1 of each Beast or Jack

It’s a fun format because it stops spamming things.  It also forces you to run Jack/Beast heavy when it’s 35 points, like ours is.

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