Star Wars Legion Map Based Campaign with 3D Printable Tiles!

So I was looking for a campaign to play for Star Wars Legion at our store and since the crew is a little more casual, leagues and tournaments weren’t the ideal fit. Remembering back to the old Mighty Empires days, I was inspired to create a map we could fight over and that would be […]


New to Us Games – November/December 2018

Finishing out the year with a few new games. It’s the first full year I’ve ranked my games, and I’m hoping to put together a list of favorite 2018 games soon. Chronicles of Crime – After demoing this at Dice Tower Con, we finally received our preorder. We love mystery games, and this is one […]

New to Us Games – September/October 2018

After a few months of playing older games, we played a lot of new ones (to us) in September and October (and it’s pretty much a roll-and-write extravaganza): Root – I finally got a few plays in of the hotness (as the cats, of course). I enjoy asymmetrical games when they feel like a puzzle, and […]

Our Game Table

When we first moved into our house, we brought our circular dining table from our New Jersey condo with us. After a year however, we decided we wanted to upgrade the table, as it only seated 6, and it fit awkwardly in our house’s rectangular dining space. A lot of hobby gamers play their games on a […]

New to us games – Summer 2018

Thanks to a lot of travel and a new health protocol, our updating has fallen a bit. But to make that up to you, here’s a supersized edition of the new to us games! New to Us Board Games: Too Many Bones – A friend picked this up for us at Gen Con, and we’ve […]

New to us games – April 2018

We’re back again with our quick opinions on new games we tried out this month. This time, it’s been all new board games: The 7th Continent – We’re a few hours into first curse, and we’re pretty excited to see what we’ll find in this exploration game, but I’m hoping that future curses don’t feel […]

New to Us Games – March 2018

Not a ton of new games this month. New board games, from best to worse: Barenpark – I immensely enjoyed this Tetris-style tile laying game, even with the flimsy theme of building a bear-only zoo. Unfortunately, due to Asmodee’s acquisition of Mayfair, this game will likely be difficult to obtain in the US for the […]

New to us games – February 2018

February was a rough month for me, health-wise. But now I get to cheer myself up now looking at how many new games we fit in in before things went south! New board games, from best to worst: 1960: The Making of the President – this political area control game about the 1960 United States presidential election is […]

New to us games – January 2018

  January just finished, so let’s look at the new games we played. The theme of this month seemed to be “Board games that surprised us and video games that disappointed us.” New board games, from best to worst: Dinosaur Island – I fully expected this to a be a mess, but instead the worker […]

New to us games – December 2017

We’re a little late with the December update, but it’s better late than never! New board games, from best to worst: Escape Room in a Box: The Werewolf Experiment – We played the one iteration of this escape room game that currently exists, and it was probably the best board game that emulates an actual escape […]