Webcam Pathfinder

Whereas many people stay close with their college friends, I’ve stayed close with my high school friends.  This may be due to the fact that many of us didn’t go the traditional 4 year college route, but the people I played D&D with in high school and I still talk today, even if I’m on the other side of the country from them.

A couple of years ago, we decided to try to use all of the fancy technology we have access to now to try me remoting in for role playing again.  It failed miserably, but not because of the setup.  Recently, a smaller group of friends and I have started a Pathfinder game with me joining via webcam.  Are we doomed to the same fate?

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My League of Legends champion rotation

As I explained in my post on the League of Legends Meta, there are a number of different roles to play.  As I’ve been playing and getting a feel for the game, I’ve basically been auditioning champions.

Every week, there are 10 champions that you can play for free.  Which 10 changes every week, but it gives you a chance to play them before you buy them(either with real money or earned influence points).

I’ve been trying to find at least 1 champion that fits my style for each role, so I’m prepared for anything as opposed to being that guys that picks a champion that’s bad for team comp or whines until he gets his role.  So who has passed the test so far?

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Pandemic review and a new review system

So I’ve been thinking about review systems  and how well they work for figuring out if you are going to like a game or movie and how they compare to the way you review movies with your friends.  

A friend recently came over and had seen Man of Steel.  He said I would like it and that my wife would not, and explained why.  This is similar to what we do with games when getting friends to play.  You’d like this game because of X and Y or you wouldn’t like it because of Z.  

With online reviews, the score doesn’t tell you everything.  It tells you what the reviewer thinks, then you have to read why they thought that to see if your opinions are similar to theirs to see if the review is relevant.  So how are we going to replace this?

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A noob’s guide to the League of Legends meta

So I’ve been playing League of Legends this past month and I’ve been having a really good time.  I played a lot of vs CPU games and it was fun but it got a little repetitive unless I was trying out a new champion so I ventured into PvP.  Uh-oh.  Among others one of the things I had to figure out was the “meta” of who plays where and why.  Here’s what I think I learned for you fellow noobs.
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All flavors of The Walking Dead

A couple of weeks ago, Stephanie found a deal for season 1 of The Walking Dead game by TellTale Games.  She’s not exactly into zombies but is a long time adventure gamer and we love most of the TellTale episodic adventure games so we gave it a try.
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An Electronic Diversion

For the last few months, miniature games have taken a bit of a back seat due to life circumstances.  They’re very rewarding but they can be time consuming.  Going to the store and playing a game can take me 4+ hours.  It can be hard to get much done in a short painting session.  Also, video games are possible to play with my wife and so have taken center stage.  Here’s the roundup of what I’ve been playing.

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Bioshock Infinite: So good I actually finished it

The title may sound like a joke, but my gaming cabinet is littered with games that never got finished.  Multiple Assassin’s Creeds, Uncharteds, Ghost busters, Arkham Asylum, and the list goes on.  Games either have to have a short playtime(episodic TellTale games, The Cave, Puzzle Bots, Portal) or they have to really grab me.  Bioshock Infinite turned out to be the latter.
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Bioshock: Infinite Initial Impressions

I don’t usually get pulled in by AAA games, but something about the trailer for Bioshock: Infinite caught my eye, and that ended up happening.
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LoL Kill

James killed a dude in League of Legends.  I told him I’d blog about it.  That is all

Lord of the Rings LCG Solo: Passed through Mirkwood

I have continued playing the Lord of the Rings LCG solo over the past week.  I finished playing through the Passage Through Mirkwood 10 times and started on Journey Down the Anduin.  I’ve made some changes to my deck, and I’m not sure if I’ll need more for this next quest.  I also realized I was doing my scoring wrong.

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