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How ’bout that Faction: Khador

Khador is sort of a contradiction for me.  I love the look of the big chunky ‘jacks and the defining characteristics are slow and high ARM.  While this is cool, competitively speaking I don’t see them on the table a lot.  I find Warmachine to be a difficult game to play casually, especially in our group since you can be done on turn 2 or 3 without having done much.  This is the main thing that has kept me from Khador, not feeling like I can play the models I like.
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Warstore Weekend 50 Point Steamroller

After the late night on Friday at The Warstore Weekend playing in the 35 point Steamroller, I was pretty pumped up about playing Retribution.  My original plan was to play in Saturday evening’s Hardcore tournament with my Cryx(who are fully painted) but 2 things changed my mind.  First, I was having a blast playing Retribution, especially Kaelyssa.  Second, the TO announced on Friday that they would start the Hardcore whenever the Steamroller was over, whether that was early or late.  I thought that this was pretty odd.  Starting late I understand but that they would start early potentially making people miss it I didn’t like.  With that the 50 point Steamroller was on!

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How ’bout that faction: Mercenaries

Mercenaries are sort of an odd duck faction for Warmachine and having started playing Cryx and moved to Retribution is probably the worst way to have transitioned into them.  Cryx and Retribution have comparatively very few mercenaries who work for them compared to say, Cygnar and Khador, meaning I own very few and that the transition to using them as a full time army would be more difficult.

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Warstore Weekend 35 point Steamroller

Last Friday night, I attended the 35 point Steamroller at The Warstore Weekend.  I’ve been wanting to get into playing my Retribution for a while and I was using this event as a way to get in a bunch of practice with them in a competitive environment.
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Android Warroom update

My phone and Nook running Android just got an update for Privateer Press’s Warroom app.  It says that it fixes what has been my biggest problem with the app.

Whenever you would switch to another app or go to the home screen and attempt to reopen the app, it would crash and you’d have to relaunch it.

I noticed that it still did this on one occasion but before it would crash when you try to open it 3 seconds later.  As I said this was the biggest issue I had with the app previously and it is now much easier to use as a reference when it’s not crashing if you need to do something else.

There are some other little changes like showing whether each deck is owned, and actually showing the names of factions instead of just symbols.  Since I bought the whole pack and thought that the symbols were fine, none of this really bothers me.  I’m happy.

My Warstore Weekend recap

I was lucky enough to attend the Warstore weekend before the storm hit this past weekend.  I’ll be posting about the two tournaments I played in in later posts but I wanted to give an overview of my weekend first.
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Smash and Grab!!! – Warstore Weekend Hardcore list

So I’m heading to the Warstore Weekend tomorrow.  Tomorrow is the 35 point Steamroller which I’ve already posted list plans for.  But today I want to talk about the 35 point Hardcore tournament on Saturday.  I’ve never done a Hardcore event before, so it should be quite the experience

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