Madden 25 Ultimate Team Weekly and Coin Up solo challenges and how they work

The weekly solo challenges and Coin Up challenges are back this year in Madden 25 Ultimate Team.

I loved the Coin Up challenges last year and I’m glad they’re back.

So here’s the deal with Coin Up challenges.  You play 2 games and you get a player card from one of the teams you played against in the challenge games.  In the first Coin Up challenge this week it’s Demarius Thomas.  In the collections screen, there’s a “collection” of only this one card.  The reward is another card, from the other team you played in the challenge game.  In the first Coin Up challenge this week it’s Ray Rice.

The purpose of this “Collection” is that you get to choose which player you want to keep.  When this week’s actual games are over there will be 2 collections you can trade in the card you have for coins.  The more touchdowns the players score in the real-life NFL game this week, the more coins their card will be worth be worth.  So basically you get to bet on which player will have a better week.  It’s like a mini game of fantasy football.  Last year it was actually a player card you could use to help your team, but alas no more.

After the real life game is done, they will add a collection for each player that will be worth a number of coins based on how well they did in the game.  This will be where you can trade in the card for coins.

Unfortunately, the games are against pretty good teams and on All-Pro difficulty so they can be a little hard with a bad team.

There are some cool weekly challenges too where you can earn a reward pack.  It seams like reward packs are what it’s all about this year in terms of getting good players and collections, so if these are only around for a week, then try to get them done.



They actually changed how you cash in Coin-Up challenge rewards.  Check it out here.

62 thoughts on “Madden 25 Ultimate Team Weekly and Coin Up solo challenges and how they work

  1. So I’m suppose to let ray rice score as many touchdowns as possible so that his value goes up? am i suppose to win the games?

    1. Just play the game exactly as you would any other. You have to win. The bonus coins are for real touchdowns scored by that player in the actual, real life NFL football games that are happening Thursday and Sunday nights.

  2. i cant figure out how to swap D.Thomas out for ray rice? i collected thomas and was rewarded rice but dont know hwo to swap them now

    1. You can’t swap back and forth. You have to choose one or the other. If you collected Thomas and got Rice, that means you chose Rice. Let’s hope he does well tomorrow night.

    1. They will go away around when the real life game happens. That means tonight for Broncos Ravens, and Sunday for Giants Cowboys.

      It wouldn’t be much of a game if you already knew which player did better.

      1. Cool. So you think Ray Rice will do better? I kept Thomas myself, but I think it is a tossup.

  3. can someone help me out im new. i did both of the Ravens vs bronc and giant vs cowboy games. but how do you know if you will get the coins? i think i collected the coins for the raven vs Bronco on DT already, which i got 0 coins, and now it says “collected”. am i supposed to do that? if not, what do i do? can i but Ray R in? …….i piut Dez in for the cowboy vs raven game. am i supposed to collect the coins for him now or wait till after the game? thx for the help guys!

    1. After the real life game is over, there will be 2 new “collections” One for each player. For example, there will be a collection for the Ray Rice card and one for the Demarius Thomas card. If Rice scores 2 touchdowns and Thomas 1, then the Rice collection will get you 3k coins and the Thomas will get you 2k. So keep the card of the player you think will do better and the collection will show up after the real game.

  4. Okay, I did the challenge for tonights game and got Demaryius Thomas, however I would like Ray Rice. What do I have to do?

      1. okay, i did that and now my card for damaryius thomas says collected on it. can i trade for ray rice somehow?

      2. As long as you have the Ray Rice card you’re good. The collection to trade him in for coins won’t appear until the game is over when they know how many coins he’ll be worth.

  5. Hi so I just finished the game against the Broncos and got my Damaryius Thomas card but now I can’t find it anywhere: in pending collections, reserves, or my roster. Is that supposed to happen? If so, how do I get him back and collect him?


    1. He should appear after you win like any other reward card. You could have sold him on accident otherwise he should be somewhere. Also double check that out has you as having won the game.

      1. Would I have received any money if I did sell him? I don’t have any more money than I did before I last saw him. I double checked and I did in fact win the game.

      2. I think it gives you like 50 coins or something. Other than that, I’m not sure what might have happened to it.

  6. I cannot collect my Ray Rice coin up card. Did the collection time expire? The collection does not appear to add the card and collect my coins. Does anyone know what happened?

  7. So I put D.T into the collection 2days ago, it said collected on there but I still don’t have any coins. Was I supposed to wait until after the game?

    1. I’m away from my XBox at the moment, but I believe that now that the game is over, there should be 2 more collections being added. One to collect the Ray Rice card for coins(2k since he scored 1 TD) and another to collect the Demarius Thomas card for coins(3k since he scored 2 TDs).

      1. Well they have to take away the collection that allows you to swap cards after the game starts. If Ray Rice had scored 4 touchdown, then everyone would just trade Thomas in for him after they knew. The point is that you have to pick which player you want before the game starts.

        Thursday games aren’t the norm for this so the collections where you can trade the card in for coins might show up today, or they might wait until Monday or Tuesday when all the games are done.

  8. I have the ray rice card in my current roster since yesterday morning but when I tried to sell it it said 0 coins so what am I doing wrong?

    1. You’re not actually going to sell it. At some point, probably Monday, there will be a collection for just that one card which should give you 2k coins since Rice scored 1 touchdown.

  9. so i have ray rice i get home from work friday night at 6 and look to collect him and there is no ravens broncos coin up collections anymore….? whats the point in making it expire so early? couldnt wait till at least sunday? that horrible i went to work and come back and its expired. stupid.

    1. The collection that was there that allowed you to lose Thomas to get Rice will only be there until that game starts.

      The point is to choose which player you think will do better before the game starts. It’s not much of a challenge to guess who already did better.

      There should be new collections spending by Monday that will allow you to trade in the card you choose for coins.

  10. I still have both coin up cards from last week.(D.T. & D.B.) I still haven’t seen a place in collection to cash them in. Does anyone know what happened or when they will appear?

  11. Ok so I just won the challenge and got Russell Wilson. I want Kaepernick. I don’t know how tho and it may be too late. It says “collected” across the Russell card in collections. I went to my roster and sent the Russell to collections. When I got there I hit something like send to pending collections. It now says collected across it. When I backed out It said I have a new card or something and I found Kaepernick. Should I do the same thing to him and how do I know which one I get for the week?

    1. So you did exactly right. You now have the Kaepernick collectible card. Once their game is over, probably on Monday. They will make it so that discarding the card for coins is worth the correct amount. It should be worth zero right now. Just wait until it’s worth more on Monday or Tuesday and sell it for coins.

      I think you made the right choice on Kaepernick, that’s what I did too.

      1. So in your pending collections, send Kaepernick back to current roster and hold on to him until Monday.

  12. Should I have left Kaep on my current roster? And say, for example, I get the player I want the first time. Like if I wanted Wilson. How would I go about keeping him?

    1. Just don’t do anything. Hold on to the card you got from completing the challenge. You don’t actually get a player card anymore, just the collectible.

  13. Got it. You’ve been extremely helpful l, thank you very much. I have one more question regarding just collections, not coin up. If I have a card that goes in a collection and send it there, do I not get to use them. For example, a player or a coach. I have a Leslie Frazer coach card. If I send him to current collections and collect him, is he no longer available to coach my team? Same goes for any other player or coach.

    1. No problem, glad I can help.

      If you collect a card from your pending collections into a collection, it is gone. It’s exactly as though you quicksold it, including you getting coins for it.

      Bear in mind that some of the collections will give you a better version of the same card for completing it.

      If you have any more questions, just leave them here. You can also subscribe to the blog on the right sidebar of the site. Also check out the idea I posted at the bottom of this post, need more votes!

      1. I completed both week 15 coin ups. Antonio brown and aj green. The green challenge was actually the first to complete. Never got the aj card. So went on to the Antonio brown challenge. Defeated it and was rewarded brown card. So I put it in the coin up collections slot… Only THEN was I rewarded the aj card… Well I want to put the aj card in the collection over the brown card… As I feel aj will have a better day. The brown card is already collected… How do I put aj there.. Or swap as the description says?

      2. Just hold on to the AJ card. By collecting the Brown card and getting Green’s, that was you choosing AJ Green, because you couldn’t get Brown’s card back now if you wanted to. You’ll be able to sell it for coins after the game is over, usually Monday or Tuesday.

  14. Great, thanks for the info. Definitely bookmarking this page. So if I wanna put someone in the collection waiting until they have 1 contract left is a good idea so I get everything out of them and complete the collection? Also, the reward I get from completing it will resetl contract length, not whatever the card I collected has as a contract, right?

    1. Right it’s a brand new card. If you want to get the most use out of him, then wait til his contract’s up. You should be able to do it with 0 contracts.

  15. I did the team of the week,week two challenge all games except the last one “Aaron Rodgers” it says I haven’t met the requirements which is the “Mario Williams” challenge which I already beat WTF

    1. Not sure what to say. Does it actually show as completed in the solo challenge screen? The win may not have registered for some reason.

  16. I wanna complete the Kellen Winslow Sr. Collection. I have the collectible and am looking in auctions for Winslow. Is it the 81 overall one or do I need a 95 overall one to complete it? Same goes for all cards and collections I guess

    1. I’m not sure for that specific collection, but in general it has to be the specific version of the card. Especially for legendary players, there will be multiple versions and you have to make sure you have the correct one.

  17. I dont know how to unlock the Kellen Winslow Sr.Challenge. There are currently only 12 legendary challenges available and Kellen Winslow Sr. isnot up there. Neither is Steve Young or Emmit Smith. Any help would be greatly appreciated.

  18. Ok I completed the victor Cruz and Alfred Morris coin up and I was given just the Alfred Morris card then someone told me to put the Alfred Morris card in collection so I did and that’s when I got the victor Cruz card how do I switch for Cruz to be in

    1. You should have gotten a Brown card. If you choose him, you just keep the card. If you want AJ Green, then there is a collection that takes just the Brown card and gives you a Green card. Collect Brown into it and you’ll get Green.

      After the game on Monday or Tuesday, you’ll be able to sell the card for the coins.

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