Diablo III is on Consoles!

I had heard that Diablo III was being released on consoles for a while now but it didn’t really catch my interest.  I of course pre-ordered it for the PC when it came out and played for a little while but something about it didn’t grab me the way Diablo II did.

It’s probably a lot of remembering things as better than they were but I had a ton of fun with Diablo II.

Even though I was disappointed in Diablo III, I made sure to  pre-order it for the console as well.  Why?

First, maybe I should try to articulate what didn’t grab me about Diablo III on the PC.

Something about the skill system was a little off.  I know I’m being totally illogical here.  When you put points in to a skill in Diablo II, it was irrevocable.  You were making a statement about how you wanted your character to be.  You could debate with your friends about the best way to build a Necromancer.  You were invested, because to let your friend win the argument was to admit that you had made a mistake you couldn’t undo.

This of course all sounds a little horrible in today’s gaming world.  You release an MMO without the ability to reset your skills and your game is dead.  So Diablo III’s skill system where it’s not about choosing what skills your character has and powers up, it’s about choosing what skills your character will use since they know them all.  You can still have the same debates but it also give you the freedom to experiment with different builds.

It sort of put me off but here’s the thing.  The best times I had playing Diablo II were with a group of my friends.  3 or 4 of us in the same room yelling at each other.  We would make the worst possible builds like Tank Sorcerers, Druids that maxed Raven just for fun.

The key was playing with a group.  I never had as much fun even playing with friends online.

You know what solves that problem?  Playing with people locally on a console!

I realized it while watching this video.  I subscribe to the Penny Arcade Youtube channel and it popped up.  Even though some of the skill and inventory management seems a little difficult, it seems like Diablo III on the console perfectly captures that group fun I was missing on the PC.  I know you can do that on the PC(with multiple game purchases) but something about playing on a console makes everything easier.  Also we can play on the projector we got last Christmas.

Another aspect is that Diablo II is probably the game I’ve talked about most in the past 10 years but my wife never played.  She loves cooperative games and even gets in on some MMOs since you can play as a group.  I think this will be a great way for her to give Diablo a shot easily.

I’ve got it but haven’t played it yet.  I’ll let you know how it goes.



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