How ’bout that faction: Circle

Next in my series discussing the different factions, I wanted to talk about a Hordes faction and also one I have less experience with.  Enter Circle of Orboros.

Unlike Cryx, most of the models in Circle don’t appeal to me.  Any of the feral, wolf or otherwise woodsy models I either am indiferent towards or outright dislike.  On the other hand, I really like basically anything that goes in Baulder’s theme forces.  Unfourtunately, the dislikes cover most of the army.

What’s even more unfortunate is that I think I would really like their playstyle.  Lots of tricks, fast beasts, and lots of tactical options.  I may pick up a Baulder tier list at some point but I don’t think that I can get past the rest of the army.

I will also note that Circle is the only army that I own no models for at all.  Menoth would be included as well but I bought the Bastions when they came out to see what the PP plastics were like.

Cool constructs
Fast flexible playstyle

Lame all other models

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