How ’bout that faction: Cryx

Being a bit ADD about factions has led me to picking up small bits of random factions or considering picking up others.  I thought it would be interesting to go over each faction with what I like about them or dislike and what I have or am considering picking up.

First up is my original faction, Cryx. I first encountered Warmachine when it first came out. I was working for Games Workshop both in one of their stores and for them in a local Hobbytown USA, a general hobby shop. Some of the guys told me to look at these models for this new game with these awesome new rules. I looked and was not interested. These big hulking robots on these tiny spindly legs. I was also heavily invested in Games Workshop games, and got a significant discount.  In retrospect, they must have been showing me Cygnar and Khador models.  It wasn’t that I wouldn’t play any other games, I remember buying quite a few Star Wars Miniatures with the guys at the shop I just wan’t interested.

When I started hearing more about Warmachine on The D6 Generation I became interested again three years ago or so and went to look at the models.  I felt the same about many of the models but then I came across Cryx.  I hadn’t seen these on the first pass.  They were a little spindly too but that was okay because it went with the skeleton/undead theme nicely.  This combined with the Warmachine rules got me hooked.

I would say that I have the majority of Cryx models, but not everything.  I’m too ADD about stuff like that to collect absolutely everything.  My favorite casters are Epic Asphyxious(even post multiple nerfs) and Mortenebra.

The things that I like about Cryx:

  • Look of the models.  I love the undead stuff and the jacks fit in nicely with that theme.
  • The tricksiness.  They are a trick faction that is relatively frail but those tricks always give you a chance to pull something out.
  • The theme.  The imagery of the Lich Lords, the undead warriors, the ghost raiders, the faint piratey theme all really appeal to me.

The things that turn me off about Cryx:

  • Some of their tricks go a little too far.  I’ve found that I don’t like casters that stop the opponent from playing a portion of the game.  The most notable include eHaley, eDeneghra, and eSkarre.  Notice that 2 of those casters are Cryx?  I just don’t like playing with or against that type of caster, which limits my caster choice somewhat.
  • Not as many ‘jack heavy options as I would like.
  • Many people play them and they have a bad reputation.  So many players means less variety.  You often hear, “Ugh, Cryx” at a tournament, and that isn’t a nice feeling, even when you intentionally avoid some of the F-you casters.

And there you have it, that is what got me into playing Cryx.  What are your likes and dislikes about Cryx?  What makes you interested in playing them or dissuades you from doing so?

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