This Week in Eclectic Gaming 4/14/14

We’re finally getting back to some miniature gaming this week, well at least the modeling part. Tabletop RPGs As with most Mondays, it was RPG time with The Gnome Game. There’s aren’t anymore gnomes since we’re playing Deadlands Classic, but The Gnome Game it shall be called none the less. We’re shaking off the rust […]

Aetherium Demo Review

When I was at Adepticon, I got to try out a handful of demos but perhaps the most interesting was a game called Aetherium. At the time of Adepticon and of this writing it was on Kickstarter and on its way to being funded. Even though it was only a demo, I thought I’d do […]

This week in Eclectic Gaming 4/7: Adepticon+

Note, the above image is an entrant in the Crystal Brush Painting Competition from Adepticon, not mine. I wanted to start a new recurring feature on the site, covering my weekly exploits in gaming. Hopefully this will give you an idea of how my eclectic gaming tastes change week over week and show how some […]

Adepticon 2014 Day 1: Spectator Style

I was able to make it over to the first day of Adepticon yesterday. I’m not playing in any tournaments this year as I haven’t had a lot of time to invest in miniatures games since moving back to Chicagoland, but I still thought it would be interesting to check out. Thursday was a little […]

First Malifaux game and controllable randomness

I was able to get together with my old friend Josh and him being a huge Malifaux junkie, he walked me through my first game. I don’t know enough about the game to give much of a battle report but I was quite taken with it.  I played Lady Justice, who is as awesome as […]

eSports, League of Legends and Warmachine?

I’m always looking for something to have on in the background and lately with my interest in League of Legends I’ve been watching the North American LCS(League of Legends Championship Series) on  It’s pretty interesting to watch and having the matches both streaming live and available later on Youtube makes it pretty easy to […]