Madden 25 Ultimate Team: Team of the Week

They released the Team of the Week solo challenges and cards this week in Madden 25 Ultimate Team and it seems like some of the trends I’ve noticed this year are continuing.

So they’re adding “Team of the Week” cards to packs, similar to Fantasy Cards last year.

There’s also a solo challenge series.  It’s 10 games and once you play it gives some good coin rewards, up to 2,000.  You also get a reward pack for the second to last one.  Finally, you get an Anquan Boldin collectible card for the last challenge.

All the games are All-Pro difficulty, so you don’t have to go through those crazy All-Madden games.

If you can get the Anquan Boldin Team of the Week card from packs, then you can trade that in with the collectible to get a special Boldin card.

I understand that part of this mode is to generate income, but they’re starting to go pretty far toward making it too difficult to play without spending cash.  Last year, you actually got a player card for finishing the challenges instead of a collectible.  You still had to trade it in, but you could just keep it as a new player.  Same with the Coin Up challenges.  It just makes it a little bit more of a slog.

I haven’t opened a reward pack since the Team of the Week went live, so it will be interesting to see how common the cards are.  I didn’t get any in the Pro Pack I did open.

At least they are making more solo challenges to play, which makes not playing online much easier.



Please vote for my proposed changes to the Madden Ultimate Team collection management.  It will make the game a ton better.

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