My apparently unique League of Legends experience

I started playing League of Legends a few months ago when my friend suggested it as a way to kill some time.  Since then, I’ve gotten pretty into it.  I’ve even spent real money on it to get champions I wanted to try out, since I’m enjoying it so much.

I had some issues with the community, which is notorious, early on in playing, but since level 20 or so, I’ve really had very few issues, which seems to be the minority experience.

So in the beginning I played many games against the AI.  I wanted to get a good hold on the basic mechanics before I had other real humans counting on me.  This provided some other advantages as well.  I could be reasonably assured that I would get my first win of the day bonus, so that I wouldn’t be passing up on free IP.  Also, I’m never sure when I might have to jump off the computer as I only have a whole hour of time very rarely.  I know leaving is terrible but real life trumps any game.  Against AI it’s not quite as bad, and the games are usually shorter, so it isn’t often a problem.

Then, around level 12-15 I decided to jump into PvP in blind pick games.  I took a while to understand the meta, which threw me for a little while.  Before doing research I thought that people calling “bot” meant they were going to be fighting bots, which confused me.  I did write about my interpretation of it here.  Through reading and watching LCS games I’ve gotten a much better understanding.

Occasionally I would get berated for messing up, but most of the time I was not the most egregious offender, so I got off from the scoldings.  More often the problem would be that no one would talk in champion select.  Either one person wouldn’t say anything and just pick the champion they wanted, or they would argue over who called it first.  I had bought enough champions to play any role by this point, so I just took whatever was left, but all too often I would be left bot alone as a support or have 3 people in my lane.  Not that this is the biggest deal but everyone was pissed.  Either at the people who didn’t communicate or because they thought they were being unfairly yelled at.

I was considering not playing at this point but it wasn’t as bad as I read about so I tried something else.  I started playing draft pick games and taking the role of mediator.

I would get into the champion selection screen and wait for a couple of people to call what they wanted.  If 2 people say the same role, I just tell them which one I saw call it first and explain that lag sometimes causes this, since sometimes each person will see themselves as the first person to call it.

Sometimes a person will claim that Pick Order > Call Order.  When this happens, I might try to keep things civil but often people just accept this.

After a couple of roles are called, I ask the remaining people which role they want of the remaining roles they want.  If people say they don’t care, I’ll usually take the role I think I can have more control with.  So I’ll usually take ADC over support, so that I can try to carry the game more easily.

This usually ends up with me playing Jungle or Support then ADC, then Top or Mid.  People seem to like the solo lanes and are uncomfortable with jungle.  I actually like playing jungle and I don’t mind support, though I tend toward playmaking supports like Thresh and Blitzcrank who are unfortunately always banned.  I’ve had to learn to jungle to do this and found that it might be my favorite role, since it has so much variety to it.


Now I’m not sure if my positive attitude is really helping a lot or if Riot has some secret algorithm that is placing me with cool players.  I know that Lyte and his team at Riot are working on a lot of enhancements to improve the player experience, which may be making my League life easier.

I think that draft pick mode does make things a little better.  Some people choose draft over blind because they are preparing for ranked.  This means that they are a little more serious.  It also has the effect of stopping players from “autolocking”.  In blind pick mode, players can just choose their champion and lock in and then claim that they had already done it before the other person called.  This happens a lot in blind pick as people just want to play a certain champion or role.  I do not understand it at all when it messes with the team but it happens.

I do also think that the positive attitude helps.  I think that a lot of people have seen other players get defensive and rage when they get yelled at.  I think that the opposite is true as well.

That being said, I also feel like everyone is totally cool in champion select.  Occasionally two people will call the same role, but almost every time recently one of the people just says, “shoot” and chooses something else.  That can’t be a coincidence.

Either way, I think that my approach is helping.

Now I have no idea what is going to happen when I start playing ranked.  The skill level might be higher and I’ll get raged at for being a n00b, people might be much more serious and not react as well, I might get stuck in bronze where frustrated players won’t react as well, who knows.  Anyway it goes down, I plan on trying it and seeing what happens.
What do you think?  Is attitude the cause or does Riot have some secret method of pairing chill players together?
Also, feel free to add me if you want to get a game in, no matter what level you are. EclecticGamer is the handle.

If you’ve never played League of Legends, try it out for free here.

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