New to us games – April 2018

We’re back again with our quick opinions on new games we tried out this month. This time, it’s been all new board games:

  • The 7th Continent – We’re a few hours into first curse, and we’re pretty excited to see what we’ll find in this exploration game, but I’m hoping that future curses don’t feel too repetitive.
  • Aeon’s End – After trying some less successful deckbuilding-hybrid games (Thunderstone), I was pleasantly surprised by how fun this cooperative game was, infusing a deckbuilder with the feel of a traditional tech tree-based fighting games. While I preferred my initial playing of the similar Legendary Encounters (Alien), I predict Aeon’s End will have more staying power than the former.
  • Kingdom Builder – This relatively simple tile laying game provided a nice beer-and-pretzels experience, limiting the players decision choices to be easily played with beginner players, but the variability of the bonus points should keep this game from getting too stale for more experienced players. It’ll be a nice alternative to  Carcassonne.
  • The Fox in the  Forest – Most trick taking games I’ve played previously have felt like activities with no real decision making choices. By adding special powers to certain cards, this game has widely opened the decision making possibilities. I predict that this game will join Red7 and Tides of Time as our perennial plane games, though I  wish it played more than 2 players.
  • Oh My Goods! – Despite it’s small playing time (and ridiculous title), this tableau engine builder required more strategic decisions that I expected. I think it’ll be easier to introduce to new players than my favorite in this genre, Imperial Settlers, and it’s small size means it’ll be easy to take with us for outside activities. The rule book was a bit difficult to get through, though.
  • Level 7 (Omega Protocol) – A recurring theme for us is that we prefer cooperative games to 1-versus-all, and this dungeon crawler was no exception – we noted we’re more interested in returning to Gloomhaven than this game. I was also nonplussed by the generic space theme. However, the combat system was more interesting than Descent/Imperial Assault, and I could see us playing this when we’re in the mood for a one-off play session.

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