I’ve finally started to get some of the Kickstarters I’ve backed over the past year and even thought it might be the simplest, Superfight! has already become a staple.

It’s basically Apples to Apples or Cards Against Humanity except the concept is “Who would win in a fight?”  There’s a deck of nouns and a deck of adjectives.  Some adjectives are good like “armed with a lightsaber” and some are bad like “handcuffed to a golf cart.  Some are situational like “on a jet ski”.

There are a bunch of different ways to play but the designer recently took my suggestion here.  The gist is play a noun, play a positive adjective on yourself and play a negative adjective on your neighbor and the judge decides who would do the best against their randomly drawn opponent.  You get silly combinations like a 100 foot tall Chuck Norris who’s afraid of heights, you get to mess with your friends by handicapping their character and it’s a really fast game.

The expansions are also great.  We love the Locations(blue) and Situations(purple) expansions.  They just add one more random element of craziness.

I’m glad to see he’s doing well, the first print after the Kickstarter is already sold out but you can get the second printing from the website

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