Fantasy Football: The Geekiest Mainstream Game

It’s that time of year again.  Well maybe not for everyone.  It’s time for Fantasy Football.  It might just be the single nerdiest activity performed by people who wouldn’t label themselves like that, as well as us nerds who also happen to like football.

My friends from high school and I started a fantasy football league as an activity we could all do even while spread out across the country.  It’s a ton of fun if you’re into football at all.

If you watch ESPN or read about sports online, fantasy sports have become hugely mainstream in recent years.  It’s a really interesting mix of something which is considered the polar opposite of “geeky”, organized sports and people going super stat-nerd all over it.

When you hear people talk about “their” fantasy team, it sounds a heck of a lot like people talking about their D&D character, or their Warhammer Army.  Why they chose this player over that one, how they chose their funny name, what happened on last week’s adventure, I mean games.

It works out perfectly for me, since I love both football and geeky obsessive min-maxing.  But make no mistake, worlds are colliding…

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