Dust 514

So the PS3 game Dust 514 came across my Google News last week and it seemed really interesting.  Not so much the game itself as much as everything else about the game.

SWTOR: free to play vs subscription

My wife an I have been playing Star Wars: The Old Republic since beta testing and we’re big fans.  We’ve had subscriptions since day one.  With the onset of free to play, we had to decide if we would rather keep our subscription or go free to play and either buy or not buy individual […]

Extra life – Gaming for Childrens’ hospitals

This weekend my wife, friends and I will be having a gaming marathon for Extra Life. If you aren’t familiar with it, it is a 24 hour gaming marathon which works like a walk-a-thon.  You get people to pledge money to you for how much you games.  It started off as a video game thing […]

Madden Week 4 Ultimate Team

I’ve completed the week’s fantasy challenges.   The challenges are nice as when you complete them, you get a nice 92+ player.  They’re intended to complete the fantasy collection but I’m not sure who is getting all those cards, so for me it’s just a nice card. For the coin up challenge, I chose to go […]

Madden 13 Ultimate Team week 2

I was able to get through all of the week 2 fantasy challenges anthe Coin-Up challenges for week 3. I was glad to see the the week 1 fantasy challenges were still available to play.  Obviously the Coin-Up challenges were not sinc you already know who was more valuable. For the week 3 Coin-Up challenge […]

Ain’t no rest for the wicked

Borderlands 2 comes out tomorrow and my copy is on its way from Amazon as we speak. I had a blast with the first one.  It felt like a spiritual successor to Diablo 2 for me.  Not necessarily in the game play but in the feeling I had playing it, and the desire to make […]

Madden Ultimate Team 13: Solo Challenges

I’ve got to say that the Solo Challenges in Madden Ultimate Team 13 make it much more playable for me. Last year, playing online against friends had a huge coin penalty and playing online against random people never appealed to me.  So that left playing random games against CPU controlled teams.  Ultimate team was fun […]