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My League of Legends champion rotation

As I explained in my post on the League of Legends Meta, there are a number of different roles to play.  As I’ve been playing and getting a feel for the game, I’ve basically been auditioning champions.

Every week, there are 10 champions that you can play for free.  Which 10 changes every week, but it gives you a chance to play them before you buy them(either with real money or earned influence points).

I’ve been trying to find at least 1 champion that fits my style for each role, so I’m prepared for anything as opposed to being that guys that picks a champion that’s bad for team comp or whines until he gets his role.  So who has passed the test so far?

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A noob’s guide to the League of Legends meta

So I’ve been playing League of Legends this past month and I’ve been having a really good time.  I played a lot of vs CPU games and it was fun but it got a little repetitive unless I was trying out a new champion so I ventured into PvP.  Uh-oh.  Among others one of the things I had to figure out was the “meta” of who plays where and why.  Here’s what I think I learned for you fellow noobs.
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An Electronic Diversion

For the last few months, miniature games have taken a bit of a back seat due to life circumstances.  They’re very rewarding but they can be time consuming.  Going to the store and playing a game can take me 4+ hours.  It can be hard to get much done in a short painting session.  Also, video games are possible to play with my wife and so have taken center stage.  Here’s the roundup of what I’ve been playing.

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Bioshock Infinite: So good I actually finished it

The title may sound like a joke, but my gaming cabinet is littered with games that never got finished.  Multiple Assassin’s Creeds, Uncharteds, Ghost busters, Arkham Asylum, and the list goes on.  Games either have to have a short playtime(episodic TellTale games, The Cave, Puzzle Bots, Portal) or they have to really grab me.  Bioshock Infinite turned out to be the latter.
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Bioshock: Infinite Initial Impressions

I don’t usually get pulled in by AAA games, but something about the trailer for Bioshock: Infinite caught my eye, and that ended up happening.
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Dust 514

So the PS3 game Dust 514 came across my Google News last week and it seemed really interesting.  Not so much the game itself as much as everything else about the game.

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SWTOR: free to play vs subscription

My wife an I have been playing Star Wars: The Old Republic since beta testing and we’re big fans.  We’ve had subscriptions since day one.  With the onset of free to play, we had to decide if we would rather keep our subscription or go free to play and either buy or not buy individual bonus upgrades with cash a-la-carte.
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Madden Ultimate Team 13 Guide

I’ve been playing Madden Ultimate Team 13 for some weeks now and I feel like I now have a good handle on the system and economy of the game.  So here’s my guide on how to play Ultimate Team, get a good team and not spend real cash to do it.

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Extra life – Gaming for Childrens’ hospitals

This weekend my wife, friends and I will be having a gaming marathon for Extra Life.

If you aren’t familiar with it, it is a 24 hour gaming marathon which works like a walk-a-thon.  You get people to pledge money to you for how much you games.  It started off as a video game thing but has expanded to board gaming as well.  Extra Life partners with the Children’s Miracle Network and all proceeds go to a hospital of your choice, in our case a hospital where one of our friends works.

Inspired by The D6 Generation, we decided to join in ourselves and will be hosting a marathon with our friends this weekend.

If you are somehow able, get in on it yourself.  Start your own Extra Life page or donate to someone who is.  The D6G guys are giving away some prizes for donating so give them a shot.

We hope to play some board games like Arkham Horror and Zombicide.  We’ll be rocking some The Secret World and SWTOR and hopefully some party Wii games.  If some of my Warmachine people show up I might be able to get some of that in.

Check out our page here.

Madden Week 4 Ultimate Team

I’ve completed the week’s fantasy challenges.   The challenges are nice as when you complete them, you get a nice 92+ player.  They’re intended to complete the fantasy collection but I’m not sure who is getting all those cards, so for me it’s just a nice card.

For the coin up challenge, I chose to go with Eli Manning over LeShawn McCoy as I think he will be more consistent scoring touchdowns.

For those of you who may not know, to get the firs Coin-Up card, you must complete the 2 solo challenges.  If you want Eli instead of McCoy, there is a collection that only requires the McCoy card.   You complete it and you get Eli as a “reward”.

I’m going to try to save up for a legendary pack instead of buying all-pro packs as I haven’t gotten any stellar cards there yet.

You can find some good deals on contract cards on the auction so look there first before buying them from the store.