This Week in Eclectic Gaming: 4/22/14

This week saw a lot more board gaming, which I consider to be a win. So let’s break it down. Board Games We got to play a game of Betrayal at House on the Hill. It’s always cool, and we continue to not have gotten a duplicate mission. This one involved a Rat King. Kinda […]

SCALE-y goodness

I went through my Kickstarter spree ending earlier this year with Veronica Mars, Wild West Exodus, Rivet Wars, Relic Knights, Realm Works, Penny Arcade and Superfight!  I’ve gotten a little bit of Kickstarter fatigue since I’m in that middling portion where I haven’t gotten much of my stuff yet, only some of the digital content […]

Madden 25 Ultimate Team

It’s August and you know what that means.  No, not Gencon, it’s time for a new Madden.  I know Gencon is also in August but I couldn’t go, so it’s dead to me.

My League of Legends Champions: ADC

With so many champions in League of Legends it can be hard to choose where to start.  As I’ve been playing, I’ve made a point of trying new champions that look interesting to see who I want to have in my rotation. Since I try not to pigeonhole myself into one role, I’ve been trying […]

My League of Legends champion rotation

As I explained in my post on the League of Legends Meta, there are a number of different roles to play.  As I’ve been playing and getting a feel for the game, I’ve basically been auditioning champions. Every week, there are 10 champions that you can play for free.  Which 10 changes every week, but […]

An Electronic Diversion

For the last few months, miniature games have taken a bit of a back seat due to life circumstances.  They’re very rewarding but they can be time consuming.  Going to the store and playing a game can take me 4+ hours.  It can be hard to get much done in a short painting session.  Also, […]

Bioshock Infinite: So good I actually finished it

The title may sound like a joke, but my gaming cabinet is littered with games that never got finished.  Multiple Assassin’s Creeds, Uncharteds, Ghost busters, Arkham Asylum, and the list goes on.  Games either have to have a short playtime(episodic TellTale games, The Cave, Puzzle Bots, Portal) or they have to really grab me.  Bioshock […]