Speed Painting Blindwater Congregation – Part 2: The Non-Gators

Last time, I showed how I speed painted the Gators for my Blindwater Congregation in our Journeyman League.  This time, I’ll show how I did the rest of the army so you can bust out your force with a quickness.

Speed Painting Blindwater Congregation – Part 1: Gators

When our club was starting up a Journeyman league last year, I decided I wanted another army that was quick to paint that I could churn out easily. I’d been painting my clean looking Retribution and I needed a change. I settled on Blindwater Congregation.  The gators are easy to paint and they don’t have […]

Speed Painting Gators

In our store’s Journeyman league, I’ve started the Blindwater Congregation army I had intended to start last journeyman league.  I chose the gators because I thought that they would be easy to speed paint and thus win the hobby award for the league.  Additionally, it’s nice to have a painted army. I can paint well […]

Journeyman Gators?

So our store starts a Journeyman league this week and I’ll finally be able to bust out my Gators.  I started them last Journeyman but only got to play 1 week before real life intervened.

Assembling the posse

This weekend, I was able to get Barnabas, the wrastler, spitter, snapper, a max gatorman posse, and a croak hunter assembled.  Combined with the swamp gobbers I already own, that should be all the models I need for the first thaee weeks of the league. They all went together pretty easily. There should only be […]

Gator time!

As many people are already writing about, our Journeyman league is starting soon. In case you are unaware, the journeyman league is a league designed by Privateer Press where you start playing games with your faction’s battle box and each week you are allowed progressively more points. I’ve been very excited for this league not […]

Gallery: Swamp Gobber

The swamp gobber models are really cool and detailed.  I painted one up for a painting competition at the shop. I also had these swampy base inserts lying around which I thought would be perfect.  Smoothed the insert and base gap with green stuff and added another bubble flowing out onto the base.   As […]