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Speed Painting Gators

In our store’s Journeyman league, I’ve started the Blindwater Congregation army I had intended to start last journeyman league.  I chose the gators because I thought that they would be easy to speed paint and thus win the hobby award for the league.  Additionally, it’s nice to have a painted army.

I can paint well but all too often, it becomes too burdensome to paint an entire army to that standard.  I have some side armies which I intend to take my tie with as I only want to paint a small, 25-35 point army of and probably not play very often.  So sometimes, you just want to bang an army out to be able to play with it fully painted and not stress out.  Enter the gators.  The models are perfect to be speed painted with all their texture as opposed to flat armor plates.  I’ll talk a little bit about my plan and show some pictures of the first batch.

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Journeyman Gators – Week 1

I actually got to play Hordes with my Gators this week.  Not only that I got to play 3 games with them, it being Journeyman week 1 and all.

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Hyperion WIP continued

I’ve started work on the white armor of my Hyperion.  It’s quite a bit of work to get it smooth but I think it’s looking nice.  I am almost done with one shoulder so I took some pictures of each one so you can see the difference.

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Hyperion WIP shots

I got started on my Hyperion today.  I followed my Retribution scheme which you can see in my Battle Mage Guide here and here.



Hyperion built, with pics

I built my Hyperion acquired from Gencon last week and I’ve finally gotten around to posting pictures.

If you look at the front picture, you will see 6 little ovals behind his head.  There were some little antennae that were supposed to go there.  I was missing one and I was leery of putting them on anyway.  The last time I questioned whether I should put something like that on was when building the Deathjack and Seether with their spikes.  I put them on and I regretted it as they kept breaking off and eventually got lost, so I left them off here.

I’ll post pictures as I get it painted.  I’m experimenting with adding washes on my models with an airbrush based on an article in an old White Dwarf I remember.  Depending on how that goes, I will figure out how I want to paint this bad boy.

Gallery: Grundback Gunner

After painting a jack for my Retribution and getting started on my Invictors I followed my plan of switching to another model for fun.

I love the look of the Rhulic models and I picked up some of the gunners and blasters recently.

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A new plan to stem the tide of Gamer ADD

I think many people know the pains of gamer ADD.  You play your first couple of games with your new army, you’ve painted a unit or 2 when something else catches your eye.

That random jack would be fun to paint, check out that tier army, I’ve got a really cool idea for X army, these new bases I found would look really cool with army X.

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