How ’bout that faction: Cygnar

This time on How ’bout that faction I talk about my relationship with Cygnar.  Cygnar has a couple of things I really like.  The problem?  I hate most of their stuff, so where does that leave us?

Project Spelunker: Forests

Next up are the “Forests” for our Cave Terrain project.  I wanted to keep all the traditional terrain pieces like hills, forests, linear obstacles, and ponds and just put a cave themed twist.  So for forests, I had to figure out what to do.  I initially thought of stalagmites but that seemed a little boring […]

How ’bout that faction: Cryx

Being a bit ADD about factions has led me to picking up small bits of random factions or considering picking up others.  I thought it would be interesting to go over each faction with what I like about them or dislike and what I have or am considering picking up. First up is my original […]

Retribution Hyperion test lists

I’m going to try to get some games in tonight with my Hyperion.  I may be taking them to The Warstore Weekend tournaments.  The casters I think I’d like to take are of course Rahn and also Vyros.  I may also want to try Ossyan as well. I’m going to prepare 35 and 50 point […]

A Legion of distractions

I’ve been looking over my random Warmachine and Hordes models trying to figure out what I have that needs to be painted and I came across my case of Legion of Everblight models. The thing that draws me to Legion, like many others I think, is the awesome beasts. I’m reminded how many Legion casters […]