Smash and Grab!!! – Warstore Weekend Hardcore list

So I’m heading to the Warstore Weekend tomorrow.  Tomorrow is the 35 point Steamroller which I’ve already posted list plans for.  But today I want to talk about the 35 point Hardcore tournament on Saturday.  I’ve never done a Hardcore event before, so it should be quite the experience

The Warstore Weekend Lists

I’ve purchased my ticket for The Warstore Weekend which takes place on Oct 26-28 right in my back yard.  I signed up for all of the tournaments and I’ll plan lists for all of them, but I’m a wuss, so we’ll see how many I actually get through.

How ’bout that faction: Cryx

Being a bit ADD about factions has led me to picking up small bits of random factions or considering picking up others.  I thought it would be interesting to go over each faction with what I like about them or dislike and what I have or am considering picking up. First up is my original […]

A new plan to stem the tide of Gamer ADD

I think many people know the pains of gamer ADD.  You play your first couple of games with your new army, you’ve painted a unit or 2 when something else catches your eye. That random jack would be fun to paint, check out that tier army, I’ve got a really cool idea for X army, […]

Painted Deneghra

I’ve been working on my Cryx and I figured that my caster should be painted. I decided to get some basic coats on her in such a way that I could go back later and add more detail on top of the basecoats. Examples(click for larger images):