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Speed Painting Gators

In our store’s Journeyman league, I’ve started the Blindwater Congregation army I had intended to start last journeyman league.  I chose the gators because I thought that they would be easy to speed paint and thus win the hobby award for the league.  Additionally, it’s nice to have a painted army.

I can paint well but all too often, it becomes too burdensome to paint an entire army to that standard.  I have some side armies which I intend to take my tie with as I only want to paint a small, 25-35 point army of and probably not play very often.  So sometimes, you just want to bang an army out to be able to play with it fully painted and not stress out.  Enter the gators.  The models are perfect to be speed painted with all their texture as opposed to flat armor plates.  I’ll talk a little bit about my plan and show some pictures of the first batch.

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Journeyman Gators: Week 2

Our Journeyman league went over Thanksgiving so we skipped a week.  We were allowed to do painting in the extra week but I was out of town so I couldn’t take advantage of it.  Last week it was time for week 2.

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Journeyman Gators – Week 1

I actually got to play Hordes with my Gators this week.  Not only that I got to play 3 games with them, it being Journeyman week 1 and all.

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How ’bout that faction: Minions

I don’t want to give away the thesis of the article, but Gators are cool.  The most recent faction, the minions are limited but very characterful.

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Assembling the posse

This weekend, I was able to get Barnabas, the wrastler, spitter, snapper, a max gatorman posse, and a croak hunter assembled.  Combined with the swamp gobbers I already own, that should be all the models I need for the first thaee weeks of the league.

They all went together pretty easily. There should only be some minor gap filling necessary.

Additionally, I kind of wanted to have my gators on swamp bases but having gone through the process of having my whole Retribution army on purchased resin bases, I decided I didn’t want to go through that for this army.  Part of the plan for the gators is to have another army that I would paint up quickly.

What I ended up doing was laying down an area of green stuff where I wanted the swamp before gluing most of the models in place. Next, I’ll sand the remaining area for the swamp shore before priming.  Then I’ll paint the green stuff as a swamp and coat it with water effects.  I’ll be sure to post pictures as I progress.

This week, I hope to get a game or two in with my new toys.

Gator time!

As many people are already writing about, our Journeyman league is starting soon.

In case you are unaware, the journeyman league is a league designed by Privateer Press where you start playing games with your faction’s battle box and each week you are allowed progressively more points.

I’ve been very excited for this league not only because I prefer smaller games but also because it seemed to be a great way to get started with my retribution.

I discovered, however, that I am enjoying painting my retribution in their nice white armor which unfortunately has been taking a while to complete to the standard I want them.

Since half of the journeyman league is based on painting goals, it’s not making as much sense to use the Retribution.

I’ve had my eye on The Blindwater Congregation since playing Team Gat’r Dun at

Templecon.  As a bonus, they will be easy to paint.

I ordered the ‘battle box’ and some various additional models that I’m sure I’ll use for the army including a gatorman posse, a bullsnapper and Calaban.

They should arrive today so I can get a start on building them.

I plan on getting them painted up with a pretty simple scheme and I’ll be sure to post a painting guide for them.

More to come.