How to get an Xbox One (or PS4) for cheaper

As I’ve mentioned in previous posts, I decided that I would be getting a next-next-gen console to have for when Madden comes out. Yeah, I enjoy Madden that much. I figured that since I was getting it before August anyway and they wouldn’t be going on sale before then, I might as well get it […]

Titanfall first impressions

I got my first chance to play Titanfall last night and as promised, here are my first impressions. Remember, that I am terrible at first person shooters. So to keep me interested, there has to be some entertainment value for me when I’m bad. I was a little worried because in games like Counterstrike(haven’t played […]

Titanfall Impressions, before I’ve even played

I picked up Titanfall for the XBox One yesterday and I haven’t gotten a chance to play it yet. In talking about it with people, before anyone having played the game, it came up that it will be interesting to see how my impressions of the game now change after playing it. So I’m going […]