Happy Maddenoliday! This commercial may be 7 years old, but it’s still what I think of every year when Madden comes out.  Madden 25 comes out today and I’ll be playing the crap out of it when I get home from work. There’s been a lot of League of Legends on the blog recently, but […]

Madden 25 Ultimate Team

It’s August and you know what that means.  No, not Gencon, it’s time for a new Madden.  I know Gencon is also in August but I couldn’t go, so it’s dead to me.

Madden Ultimate Team update

I haven’t gotten much chance to play ultimate team recently but I did manage to get this week’s coin-up challenged on before it disappeared.  There’s no wayim going with Dez Bryant for this one.  He’s injured and you can’t trust Tony Room.  Julio Jones all the way. I also started using to start collecting […]

Madden Week 4 Ultimate Team

I’ve completed the week’s fantasy challenges.   The challenges are nice as when you complete them, you get a nice 92+ player.  They’re intended to complete the fantasy collection but I’m not sure who is getting all those cards, so for me it’s just a nice card. For the coin up challenge, I chose to go […]

Madden 13 Ultimate Team week 2

I was able to get through all of the week 2 fantasy challenges anthe Coin-Up challenges for week 3. I was glad to see the the week 1 fantasy challenges were still available to play.  Obviously the Coin-Up challenges were not sinc you already know who was more valuable. For the week 3 Coin-Up challenge […]

Madden Ultimate Team 13: Solo Challenges

I’ve got to say that the Solo Challenges in Madden Ultimate Team 13 make it much more playable for me. Last year, playing online against friends had a huge coin penalty and playing online against random people never appealed to me.  So that left playing random games against CPU controlled teams.  Ultimate team was fun […]


NFL Roster Update 13, I mean Madden 13 comes out tomorrow and as I am every year, I’m pumped. I am one of the millions of chumps who shell out $60 every year for the new Madden.  It’s fun to have the current rosters.  It’s fun to see how the year to year changes affect […]