Pandemic review and a new review system

So I’ve been thinking about review systems  and how well they work for figuring out if you are going to like a game or movie and how they compare to the way you review movies with your friends.   A friend recently came over and had seen Man of Steel.  He said I would like […]

Mini Review: Betrayal at House on the Hill

I was super excited when it was announced that Betrayal at House on the Hill would be reprinted. Craig from The D6 Generation has been raving about how much he and his wife love this game for a long time but it had been out of print since I’d heard about it.  I’d been looking […]

Fluxx Review

One of my favorite “bust it out for a quick game” games for a little while has been Fluxx by Loony Labs. It is a card game similar in purchase format to a game like Uno in that you pick up the box and it’s all you need to play. Like Uno, it’s simple with […]