This Week in Eclectic Gaming: 4/22/14

This week saw a lot more board gaming, which I consider to be a win. So let’s break it down. Board Games We got to play a game of Betrayal at House on the Hill. It’s always cool, and we continue to not have gotten a duplicate mission. This one involved a Rat King. Kinda […]

This Week in Eclectic Gaming 4/14/14

We’re finally getting back to some miniature gaming this week, well at least the modeling part. Tabletop RPGs As with most Mondays, it was RPG time with The Gnome Game. There’s aren’t anymore gnomes since we’re playing Deadlands Classic, but The Gnome Game it shall be called none the less. We’re shaking off the rust […]

Eclectic Gamer Streaming Schedule

I started recording my ranked League of Legends placement matches a few months ago so that people could see what the process was like.  I ended up using Open Broadcasting Software(OBS) to do it including a webcam toward the end.  I got some requests for more videos so I did a handful more as well. […]

Webcam Pathfinder

Whereas many people stay close with their college friends, I’ve stayed close with my high school friends.  This may be due to the fact that many of us didn’t go the traditional 4 year college route, but the people I played D&D with in high school and I still talk today, even if I’m on […]