All flavors of The Walking Dead

A couple of weeks ago, Stephanie found a deal for season 1 of The Walking Dead game by TellTale Games.  She’s not exactly into zombies but is a long time adventure gamer and we love most of the TellTale episodic adventure games so we gave it a try.

The Digital Comic Conundrum

Recently, a new Star Wars comic book series was released by Dark Horse.  It takes place between episodes IV and V and I was excited to read it.  However, I was in what started out as a minor conundrum over whether to buy the physical comic or a digital version.  Tougher than it sounds.

New Year’s Movie Week 2: Looper

Continuing the New Year’s resolution to watch a new movie every week, we watched Looper.  It seems to be turning into and Emily Blunt marathon. I really loved Joseph Gordon-Levitt in the movie and his makeup prosthetic were great.  The sci-fi concept they introduced, that of the “looper” was really interesting.  Basically people in the future invent […]