Star Wars Episode VII cast announced and it’s disappointingly male

The cast for the upcoming Star Wars Episode VII was announced today along with a cast picture. I basically don’t know any of them other than the returning members and Andy Serkis (of Lord of the Rings fame) and I’m disappointed. You can also check it out here. I’m not disappointed because I think any […]

All flavors of The Walking Dead

A couple of weeks ago, Stephanie found a deal for season 1 of The Walking Dead game by TellTale Games.  She’s not exactly into zombies but is a long time adventure gamer and we love most of the TellTale episodic adventure games so we gave it a try.

The Digital Comic Conundrum

Recently, a new Star Wars comic book series was released by Dark Horse.  It takes place between episodes IV and V and I was excited to read it.  However, I was in what started out as a minor conundrum over whether to buy the physical comic or a digital version.  Tougher than it sounds.

New Year’s Movie Week 2: Looper

Continuing the New Year’s resolution to watch a new movie every week, we watched Looper.  It seems to be turning into and Emily Blunt marathon. I really loved Joseph Gordon-Levitt in the movie and his makeup prosthetic were great.  The sci-fi concept they introduced, that of the “looper” was really interesting.  Basically people in the future invent […]