Aetherium Demo Review

When I was at Adepticon, I got to try out a handful of demos but perhaps the most interesting was a game called Aetherium. At the time of Adepticon and of this writing it was on Kickstarter and on its way to being funded. Even though it was only a demo, I thought I’d do […]

The new debate: XBox One or PS4

I was in no rush to get an Xbox One or PS4 at either of their launches. They didn’t have any games I wanted to play. That seems like a pretty compelling reason not to buy them. But then I had an epiphany. As you may be able to tell from the blog posts that […]

Evil Geniuses buys their way into League of Legends NA:LCS?

So a weird thing happened in the League of Legends Championship Series. The European team Evil Geniuses, or at least 3/5ths of the team basically bought their way into the North American LCS. I’m not entirely sure this is bad since I love Krepo, but it certainly feels weird. So here’s what I can gather […]

My apparently unique League of Legends experience

I started playing League of Legends a few months ago when my friend suggested it as a way to kill some time.  Since then, I’ve gotten pretty into it.  I’ve even spent real money on it to get champions I wanted to try out, since I’m enjoying it so much. I had some issues with […]

eSports, League of Legends and Warmachine?

I’m always looking for something to have on in the background and lately with my interest in League of Legends I’ve been watching the North American LCS(League of Legends Championship Series) on  It’s pretty interesting to watch and having the matches both streaming live and available later on Youtube makes it pretty easy to […]

Dust 514

So the PS3 game Dust 514 came across my Google News last week and it seemed really interesting.  Not so much the game itself as much as everything else about the game.