Warstore Weekend 50 Point Steamroller

After the late night on Friday at The Warstore Weekend playing in the 35 point Steamroller, I was pretty pumped up about playing Retribution.  My original plan was to play in Saturday evening’s Hardcore tournament with my Cryx(who are fully painted) but 2 things changed my mind.  First, I was having a blast playing Retribution, especially Kaelyssa. […]

Trying out Hordes: Trolls

So I’ve played a while with my Cryx and I’ve been thinking about starting another army. I’m feeling reasonably comfortable with my Cryx, 4 tournaments or so and went 2-1 at the New England Team Tournament losing in the last round, and I will by no means stop playing them but with my gamer ADD […]

Axe rust, patination

I’ve started building and painting up the battle box for the Trollbloods for Privateer Press’s Hordes. They’re great, large fantasy models. I didn’t want the weapons to look too new and shiny so I’ve been working on painting rust and patination on the metals. Trollblood Axer’s Axe(click for a larger picture): For the rust I’ve […]