Hyperion built, with pics

I built my Hyperion acquired from Gencon last week and I’ve finally gotten around to posting pictures. If you look at the front picture, you will see 6 little ovals behind his head.  There were some little antennae that were supposed to go there.  I was missing one and I was leery of putting them on anyway.  The last […]

Hyperion GO!

The great and powerful Geoff Engelstein of The Dice Tower, Ludology, The Ares Project and Space Cadets fame, was kind enough to procure a Hyperion for me from GenCon.  Since it looks like it won’t be coming out until October, I was all about getting one early. I was able to get it assembled this […]

There can be only one…Retribution army I lose with

Our monthly tournament was this past Sunday at The Only Game in Town. The tournament format is Highlander which means: 1 List 1 Solo 1 Unit(but it can have UAs and WAs) Only 1 of each Beast or Jack It’s a fun format because it stops spamming things.  It also forces you to run Jack/Beast […]

A new plan to stem the tide of Gamer ADD

I think many people know the pains of gamer ADD.  You play your first couple of games with your new army, you’ve painted a unit or 2 when something else catches your eye. That random jack would be fun to paint, check out that tier army, I’ve got a really cool idea for X army, […]

How To Paint Retribution Battle Mages: Guide Part 2

On to part 2 of the painting guide for Retribution Battle Mages.  If you haven’t read part 1, check it out here. Step 7 – The Cloth To start the cloth, I basecoat it with Knarloc Green, from the GW Foundation line.  I water it down just a little to get a smooth coat. Try […]

First Tournament with the Retribution – Part 2

If you haven’t read part 1, check it out here. Game 3: For my third game, I was paired up with another Retribution player, Bob.  At least this time it was with a player from All Things Fun so I would have a chance to play for my store.  There were only 3 Retribution players […]

Battle Mage Test Model Part 2

I posted a first version of a Retribution Battle Mage paint scheme yesterday. I liked it but there wasn’t enough variation in the model so I added an additional color.  I painted the leather looking areas with a gray-brown. I think that this helps the model out a lot.  I’m feeling this as the scheme […]