Painted Deneghra

I’ve been working on my Cryx and I figured that my caster should be painted. I decided to get some basic coats on her in such a way that I could go back later and add more detail on top of the basecoats. Examples(click for larger images):

Warmachine Front Arc Basing

In Privateer Press’s Warmachine and Hordes, it is important to indicate on the model which way it is facing. There are bonuses for attacking a model from it’s back facing. The pure facing of the model can be ambiguous. Is it the facing of the model’s head or its body? How do you tell where […]

First Painted Cryx Models

I have recently started playing Warmachine by Privateer Press.  I was introduced to the game by The D6 Generation. If you haven’t listened to their podcast, I suggest you check it out. I chose the Cryx because those models are my favorite. Many of the ‘jack models of the other factions are just a little […]