Gallery: Grundback Gunner

After painting a jack for my Retribution and getting started on my Invictors I followed my plan of switching to another model for fun. I love the look of the Rhulic models and I picked up some of the gunners and blasters recently.

A new plan to stem the tide of Gamer ADD

I think many people know the pains of gamer ADD.  You play your first couple of games with your new army, you’ve painted a unit or 2 when something else catches your eye. That random jack would be fun to paint, check out that tier army, I’ve got a really cool idea for X army, […]

How To Paint Retribution Battle Mages: Guide Part 2

On to part 2 of the painting guide for Retribution Battle Mages.  If you haven’t read part 1, check it out here. Step 7 – The Cloth To start the cloth, I basecoat it with Knarloc Green, from the GW Foundation line.  I water it down just a little to get a smooth coat. Try […]

Gallery: Raek

I decided that I would make my Legion the army I would paint individual models and take my time on.  The first one I did was a Raek, because it’s just a cool model. I went with a scheme based on a Tyranid army I painted for a Games Day big game when I was […]

Gallery: Swamp Gobber

The swamp gobber models are really cool and detailed.  I painted one up for a painting competition at the shop. I also had these swampy base inserts lying around which I thought would be perfect.  Smoothed the insert and base gap with green stuff and added another bubble flowing out onto the base.   As […]

Gallery: Painted Morghul

I occasionally paint a random model I would someday like to play a game with. Painting a model from another faction can help stem the tide of gamer ADD.  Here is a Morghul I painted a while back. As always, any questions and comments are welcome.

Creating washes for miniature painting

So we recently had a question in our group(The NJSOBs) about how to paint bone on Warmachine/Hordes models.  My answer to this was, as it always is, use a wash. When I was working at a Games Workshop retail store, we were in a mall and therefore required to open at 9AM, but very few […]