New to Us Games – November/December 2018

Finishing out the year with a few new games. It’s the first full year I’ve ranked my games, and I’m hoping to put together a list of favorite 2018 games soon. Chronicles of Crime – After demoing this at Dice Tower Con, we finally received our preorder. We love mystery games, and this is one […]

How we organize and store Mansions of Madness

Yesterday, we looked at how to organize Star Wars Imperial Assault. Today, we’ll look at how we are currently organizing another large game in our collection – Mansions of Madness 2nd Edition. Spoiler alert: it’s pretty similar. Since Adam had a bunch of these Battlefoam boxes from his Warmachine days, we store our models in one of […]

First Impressions: Mansions of Madness

We finally got in our first game of Mansions of Madness this weekend after it’s been taunting us for a few weeks. We figured that we liked Betrayal at House on the Hill and we liked Arkham Horror so we would like this.  I was a little apprehensive about the predefined stories for replay value but I […]