How we organize and store Star Wars Imperial Assault

In this post, I looked at how we normally store our games. But with so many components and expansions, we needed a better way to store Imperial Assault. Here’s how we are currently storing this game. (I expect this will change after the arrival of our Glowforge). I think we have all of the expansions […]

New to us games – November 2017

It’s the last day of November, so we’re taking a look at some of the new to us games we’ve played. Thanks to the holiday, we had a chance to break out some extra dexterity and family-oriented board games. New board games, from best to worst: Rhino Hero Super Battle – this house building dexterity […]

How we organize and store our board games

This is a topic that comes up frequently in board game discussions: how do you organize and store your games? We keep our games in a set of Ikea Kallax units: we have 3 4×4 units, plus we have stacked 1×4 units on top (in white, because that most matches our house décor). We removed […]