How we organize and store Mansions of Madness

Yesterday, we looked at how to organize Star Wars Imperial Assault. Today, we’ll look at how we are currently organizing another large game in our collection – Mansions of Madness 2nd Edition. Spoiler alert: it’s pretty similar.


Since Adam had a bunch of these Battlefoam boxes from his Warmachine days, we store our models in one of these, in 3 small foam trays2 medium foam trays, and 1 Warjack Warbeast tray. We also include the monster tokens with their appropriate models.

The rest of the pieces are stored in the core set box. First up, the Map Tiles are grouped by size and the set and placed in the box.


The majority of the remaining pieces are stored next to the tiles:


We store the Damage, Horror, and Insanity decks, and dice, in small bags, and the character cards in a larger bag. The Clue tokens are held in a small bin for all players to easily access. A Plano 3500 box holds the majority of the remaining tokens (Improvement, Fire/Darkness, Search/Interact, Explore/Sight, Doors and Walls, generic Person, ID and Keys, and Barricades and Secret Passages).

The Status cards are separated into 5 player decks and stored in small bags, which are distributed at the start of the game.


We hold most of the cards and the NPC tokens in a set of binder pockets, held together by some binder rings. We chose to store it this way, rather than in a binder, so that it would fit in the box. Most of the pages are pocket pages with 12 2-1/4 x 2-1/2″ pockets.


The first page holds the Spell and Elixir decks.


Followed by the Common Items, and then the Unique Items, sorted alphabetically.


Finally, we have the named Person tokens, also sorted alphabetically. Our rule books are stored in binder pockets at the end of the folder. Then the binder sits on top of the other items in the core set box.


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