How we organize and store Star Wars Imperial Assault

In this post, I looked at how we normally store our games. But with so many components and expansions, we needed a better way to store Imperial Assault. Here’s how we are currently storing this game. (I expect this will change after the arrival of our Glowforge). I think we have all of the expansions for the campaign version, and we currently are storing it in the core box, a large expansion box, a model box, and a large zippered binder.


Since Adam had a bunch of these Battlefoam boxes from his Warmachine days, we store our models in one of these, in 3 small foam trays, 2 medium foam trays, and 1 Warjack Warbeast tray.


The larger tiles are stored by expansion in a 3 inch zippered binder, in pocket pages with 2 5×7″ pockets.

The remaining items are split between the core box and one of the big box expansions.


We hold most of the documentation and cards in a set of binder pockets, held together by some binder rings. We chose to store it this way, rather than in a binder, so that it would fit in the box. Our current campaign books and character sheets are stored in binder pockets at the front of this binder.


For larger campaigns, we would store the completed and available side mission cards next (but we are currently playing Twin Shadows, which doesn’t have side missions). The next page holds the status, item, and loot small cards in a pocket page with 12 2-1/4 x 2-1/2″ pockets.


We also store the mission rewards cards by name in the same size pockets.


Finally, we have the mission cards, followed by the enemies and NPC cards in 9 pocket pages. Because we have been playing with Redjak’s Automated Imperial variant, we have also been storing the AI cards for the missions and enemies with their respective regular cards.


This binder is stored at the bottom of the core set box. On top, we have our dice in a bag, the threat counter, and our (soon to be replaced) doors.


We also have bags for our characters, larger card decks, and a Plano 3500 box of tokens.


On top of that pile, we store smaller tiles in 2 Plano 3500 boxes with the lids removed, sorted by set and then numerically, in a tray made from the lid of a small box expansion. We also fit our 3D printed crates, doors, and terminals in the Plano boxes where there is extra room.


Finally, we store everything that we aren’t currently using (other tokens, class decks, skirmish components, etc) in a large box expansion.

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