How to Play the Arkham Horror LCG on Octgn

For those interested in playing the Arkham Horror LCG online, or wanting to try it for free, I have found Octgn to be the best interface. However, it’s not the easiest to use if you are trying it for the first time. So we wrote a guide! 

Before you begin, if you don’t know how to play the game, read through the the Learn to Play rules and the Night of the Zealot Campaign Rules on Fantasy Flight’s website.

Now, download and install Octgn (, then sign up for an account.

Once Octgn is open, select the Games Manager tab. Scroll down to Arkham Horror – the Card Game, and click Install. Once it’s installed, it will have a green check mark next to the game.


Next, download the Octgn Image Packs for the core set and any expansions you wish to try ( Per Fantasy Flight Games, image packs for expansions can be made publicly available 6 months after they go on sale in retail.

Click Add Image Packs and navigate to the image pack you downloaded. If you downloaded multiple packs, you will need to install of them at this time.

Open the Play or Spectate tab. Click Start to start a game, or select a friend’s current game.


If you are starting a game, give it a name and make sure Arkham Horror – The Card Game is selected. Then click Start.


After this, the game lobby is opened. Make sure “One Sided Table” is selected. Once all players have joined (for solo games, this will just be you), click Start.



This is what the game looks like when it loads. From here, you need to add your decks. From the “Game” menu, select “Load Deck”. Load the following decks:

  • Scenario: Select the scenario you are playing.
  • Chaos Bag: Navigate to the expansion you are playing and select the desired difficulty.
  • Player Decks: The starter decks are already included in the original installation of the game, so have each player load the character they wish to play.

To set up the play space, navigate to the Global panel and drag the Location cards from the Location deck to the play area. To view them closer, hover over them.


Next, navigate back to your Hand. Right click in your Hand area and select “Mulligan,” then select the cards you wish to mulligan. After you complete set up, you can start playing the game. Click the green arrow next to your name to start playing. The status window in the upper right hand corner will switch to “Turn 1: Investigation Phase.”


Almost everything else can be done via right click menus, including playing cards, flipping cards, discarding cards, adding and removing tokens. Most of these also have keyboard shortcuts if you choose.

When you finish a phase, select “Automation” then “Advance Phase” or click F12. The phases will move from Investigation –> Enemy –> Upkeep.  During the Upkeep phase, Octgn should automatically refresh your cards, add a card to your hand, and give you a resource.

When the turn is finished, click the green arrow next to your name again, and the game will move to Turn 2: Mythos Phase. This should automatically add a doom.  When the amount of doom matches the Agenda, it will glow red.


From here, you should be able to play and finish the game.

Once you are ready to use your own custom player decks, you can build decks on ArkhamDB ( to export to Octgn.

Create an account on ArkhamDB, and then navigate to “My Decks” and select “+ New Deck.”


Choose an investigator and add cards and quantities as desired. Once the deck is finished, click Save and then navigate back to the Deck. From this screen, select “Download” then “Octgn file.”


Switch back to Octgn and load the deck you just downloaded, using the “Game” and “Load Deck” menus we used before.

Happy mythos busting!

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