Ghost Stories added to the Eclectic Gamer Board Game Rating System

I added a game profile for Ghost Stories to the Game Rating System today.

I personally love Ghost Stories.

It is a difficult co-op game that really takes a number of playthroughs to get the strategy of and even then, you need that knowledge to adapt on the fly to the random components of the game.

That, in my opinion, puts Ghost Stories in that interesting category of “Games where Randomness plays a significant factor” and “Consistent Games”. There is a deal of randomness, but it is controlled in such a way where you can really get good at it and start to do well very consistently, which is my favorite kind of randomness.

It also has a great theme to it without telling a story interestingly, showing why these are 2 different categories for us.

What rating does the system give you for Ghost Stories? Check it out at and let us know. If you’ve played before, how accurate is it?

If you’re very familiar with Ghost Stories, help others out by creating your own game profile for it. Learn more here.

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