Madden 15 Ultimate Team Coin-Up Challenges

I’ve been having a blast with the new Ultimate Team in Madden 15 but there’s one aspect of it that is still a little confusing. That is the Coin-Up challenges.

Here is how they work. Coin-Up challenges are solo challenges. Under the play menu, you go to solo challenges and go to the weekly challenges. It’s important that these are weekly based on the way they work.

When you beat it, you get coins but you also get a collectible for one of the teams competing in a real life NFL game this week. For example, in the first week there was a challenge for the Green Bay Packers and the Seattle Seahawks. When you won you got a collectible for the Packers.

If you think that team will win the real life NFL game, then you’re done, just keep that card. If you think that the other team will win, then you have a little more work.

In the sets under the weekly section, there is a collection that takes the one card you have and if you collect it you get a card for the other team. In our example, I thought the the Seahawks would win so I collected the Packers card I had into the collection and got the Seahawks card.

A day or so after the real life NFL game is over, EA will update the card so that you can quicksell it for a ton of coins, and that’s it.

You can get a lot of coins for the Coin-Up challenges but you have to make sure you do it each week before they expire.


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