League of Legends Best Champion Skins: Pantheon

Skins in League of Legends are an interesting animal. They’re the only thing in the game that you can only buy with real money. That means you have to be careful about what you buy.

I do buy a lot of skins, because they make the game more enjoyable for me, but I try to keep it to one skin per champion. That means you have to know which one is the best, so I’m here to tell you.

Check out the full list here.

Now it’s time for another Jungler.

The Best Pantheon Skin

You’re in luck folks, the base Pantheon skin is the best. He’s a Spartan badass, you can’t really improve on it. Save the RP.

The Rest of the PantheonSkins

You can check out all the skins here.

Myrmidon Pantheon is pretty good for the same reason as the base skin.

Ruthless Pantheon just looks lame, though his resemblance to an action figure is funny.

Perseus Pantheon is pretty cool depending on your taste for classical mythology.

Full Metal Pantheon does look pretty cool, but I still prefer the classic look.

I don’t like Glaive Warrior Pantheon, because why is he throwing a glaive?

Dragon Slayer Pantheon is new and kind of cool, but it’s just too much.

That’s Pantheon but who would you like to see next? Let me know in the comments or tell me what you think of Pantheon’s skins.

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