Star Wars Episode VII cast announced and it’s disappointingly male

The cast for the upcoming Star Wars Episode VII was announced today along with a cast picture. I basically don’t know any of them other than the returning members and Andy Serkis (of Lord of the Rings fame) and I’m disappointed. You can also check it out here.

I’m not disappointed because I think any of them will do poorly or don’t look the part but because they added only one female. Sure, some of them will likely be aliens of some sort, especially Serkis but aliens in Star Wars have been overwhelmingly humanoid and have traditional genders so it’s much of the same.

Seven new cast members announced, one woman. We will have Carrie Fisher returning but the new announcements actually lower the 1/5 ratio we had going previously.

I love Star Wars but this was one of its biggest issues.

They did a really good job with The Clone Wars. The main character was female and there were a number of female padawans, Jedi masters and villains while staying within the existing male dominated universe and set of characters. I was even easily able to get my six year old sister into it because of its female characters.

I really hope that this isn’t Disney influence saying Star Wars and Marvel are our boy brands and Princesses are our girl brands.

This is an enormous step in the wrong direction. With the example set by The Clone Wars, I was hoping for, other than the returning characters, a 1/1 ratio.  This deal is getting worse all the time. I just pray they don’t alter it any further.

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