This Week in Eclectic Gaming: 4/22/14

This week saw a lot more board gaming, which I consider to be a win. So let’s break it down.

Board Games

We got to play a game of Betrayal at House on the Hill. It’s always cool, and we continue to not have gotten a duplicate mission. This one involved a Rat King. Kinda creepy.

Then we got in a 3 player game of Smash Up. Stephanie and I had tried 2 player and the 3 player game dragged out a little bit but that may have been because we weren’t familiar with the cards. I played Zombie Wizards, which had way too much card manipulation. It’s a fun game with nice simple rules.

Then on Saturday we got more games in.

We played a game of Space Cadets: Dice Duel. It’s quick but the speed of it can be daunting to some people. Be careful about the stress, but if you like craziness then it is for you. Not everyone we played with liked it.

Since we had 6 people, we played another Zombicide mission. There a ton of things I love about Zombicide. Probably the biggest being how climactic it is. As your characters get more powerful, the number of zombies both increases and gets more dangerous. Super cool.

Finally we played Hex Hex with all new people. Some rules got mixed up and people didn’t like it but it’s a great filler game.

Video Games

With the long weekend we got in 2 big sessions of Deus Ex: Human Revolution, which you can check out on Twitch. We hit a patch with a ton of combat and not a lot of plot. I’m starting to enjoy the combat a little more when you start to see the sneaking like a puzzle to be solved, but it is time consuming and stressful. That being said, the plot is getting interesting.

I spent some time getting back to playing a little League of Legends. I didn’t want to go back to ranked right away so I used the team builder for the first time to get some practice in a new role. I queued up as Jax in the top lane. I rarely play top and never Jax in a PvP game. It was fun, the team builder took away all of the stress of champion selection. I still don’t think it will work for ranked, but it’s great if you want to practice something specific. No toxicity at all. You can see one of the games over on the Youtube channel.

Role Playing Games

We continue to play Deadlands Classic on Mondays, which you can also watch on the Twitch channel. We’re still learning the system and we got into one of our first major combats this week. We learned one eccentricity of the system as well. There is a rule that if you roll 1s on the majority of the dice, then you “go bust” and it’s super bad, even if you also succeeded, but that means that rolling 2 dice can actually be worse than rolling 1 in some instances. So what we discovered is 2 dice bad, 3 dice good.

We continue to love the setting. I’m sure that is improved by the way the system is so thematic, but it’s awesome all around.


Is there anything here you have questions about? Anything you think needs to be added to the Eclectic Schedule? Let us know in the comments!

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