This Week in Eclectic Gaming 4/14/14

We’re finally getting back to some miniature gaming this week, well at least the modeling part.

Tabletop RPGs

As with most Mondays, it was RPG time with The Gnome Game. There’s aren’t anymore gnomes since we’re playing Deadlands Classic, but The Gnome Game it shall be called none the less.

We’re shaking off the rust with Deadlands, as it’s been a long time since we played it. We just realized how untrained skills work(very poorly), which affected how we all wanted to buy abilities going forward, but it’s still a blast.

You can check out replays on demand or watch us live on Monday nights on the Twitch stream.

Board Games

Not as many board games this week, but we got some in. Tried out 2 new games.

Stephanie and I played Smash Up. It’s a super simple card game where you take 2 decks and mix them together and get things like Alien-Dinosaurs or Wizard-Pirates. It’s silly, fun and short. Not bad.

We also got to play Bang: The Dice Game before Deadlands. As far as I’m concerned, it’s Bang but better. Faster, less hemming and hawing and somehow having less decision making makes it better.

Miniature Games

No gaming, but I’m getting back into the modeling.

I started building my Guild models for Malixaux, the Death Marshals in particular. These plastics are crazy detailed and crazy thin. I’m so terrified of breaking them but they are cool.

I also started on my Wild West Exodus models after I got the base inserts delivered. The base inserts are super cool. They’re actually plastic. I thought they would be resin, so I was pleasantly surprised.

The WWX models themselves are pretty cool. The way the plastics are chopped up are occasionally weird, but they look nice. The Resin models are great. I’ll hopefully get to paint some of them soon.

Video Games

More video games of course.

Star Wars: The Old Republic on Tuesdays. The Jedi Consular story is getting pretty interesting. Again, we play those characters Tuesdays on Twitch.

We’re also really getting into Deus Ex: Human Revolution. The combat isn’t my favorite, but I’m getting better at it and starting to see it as more of a puzzle, than stressful combat. Kind of cool.

In terms of games I’m not playing, the League of Legends playoffs are going down. The challenger series have completed in both EU and NA, EU LCS playoffs are currently underway and NA starts soon. I really love the way relegation works, as it keeps the league fresh, even at the bottom of the league. This split does seem sort of pointless though, since it doesn’t really impact worlds and most teams have outright said they don’t care about this split, but it’s still fun.


Well that’s it for this week. Let me know if you have any questions or suggestions, and make sure to watch us on Twitch!


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