Titanfall Impressions, before I’ve even played

I picked up Titanfall for the XBox One yesterday and I haven’t gotten a chance to play it yet. In talking about it with people, before anyone having played the game, it came up that it will be interesting to see how my impressions of the game now change after playing it.

So I’m going on the record now, and we’ll see how my assumptions hold up.

I’ll let everyone know now that I suck at first person shooters, all of them. The first time I played Halo I managed to stick a sticky grenade to my own head and run around blind for a bit before blowing up. There are still some shooters I enjoy. I loved playing Goldeneye and Perfect Dark even if I was the handicap for the best player. I can still get into them, as long as the game isn’t designed in such as way that it is 100% twitch reflexes based, because then I just never do anything and it becomes not fun.

In trying to explain the game to Stephanie, I said that the appeal of the game for me is 80% mechanics, 10% the grand scale of the fights, 5% graphics, and 5% cool world. Obviously this is a personal opinion but the parkouring, the asynchronous gameplay with mechs vs pilots, and the appropriate weapons it seems like the gameplay should be really interesting. I could be surprised by the story or the graphics, but that’s not what is getting me into the game.

We’ll see how this changes when I play tonight. Come watch me on Twitch while I try out the new app on the XBone. I promise I’ll be terrible.

I’ll be posting my thoughts again after I’ve played some.

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