Madden 25 Ultimate Team Collections and Coin Up Weirdness

I’ve been out this weekend, so there hasn’t been a lot of Ultimate Team, but I did get a number of questions it was hard to answer when I didn’t have the Xbox.

The good news is that Ultimate Team Collections are starting to fill out.


When I got back, I noticed that they had started to add some of the ‘standard’ collections finally.  Let’s take a look at what they have so far.

The newly added ones are Bronze Coach and Stadium collections under the “Team” tab in the collections screen.  Generally every year they have had collections for most of the following:  Coached, Stadiums, Playbooks, and Uniforms.  This year they’ve added 2 of them, and I’m hoping so see more soon.  For these two, you have to collect all 32 coaches or stadiums, but you get 5k coins and 2 jumbo reward packs, guaranteeing you some gold players and collectables.

The other thing to note is the Team collections.  They are much easier than last year.  In previous years, they have been collections of the teams’ best players.  They were hard to get and even if you did, you didn’t really want to give those players up.  This year, it has only a couple if any descent players, making them much easier to complete.  You’ll also get coins and a reward pack.

These collections actually give you a reason to buy the cheap 2500 coin rookie packs.  This gives you a real option to slow build a team.  Keep buying rookie packs, collect the cards and you’ll build your team with cards from the reward packs.

You also have another interesting option which I haven’t explored of trying to sell all these bronze cards.  When people really want to finish a collection, they will start spending coins to get the last cards.  If you can put a handful of cards from your rookie pack up for 1500 coins each, you may be able to arbitrage your way into some money.

Some of the other collections are interesting.  They’ve added some Doug Martin collections that seem to allow you to fuse his cards together to get one with better chemistry.  There are also some that allow you to trade in the “collectable” cards you get from reward packs to get special throwback jerseys, which is a neat idea.  Though I’m a little leery of spending those, since I’m not sure what they might add in the future.

I’ll add some more info as they start adding more collections and as I start completing some of them.

Coin Up

This week’s Coin Up was weird.  With the Thursday night game, the timing was all off.  I also wasn’t able to finish the Giants/Cowboys challenge today, even though the game isn’t till tonight.

This is how I think it will work in general.  The challenges will come during the week, probably on Tuesday or Wednesday along with the collections that allow you to swap cards.  Check it out here for the explanation.  Then on Sunday morning or Saturday night, the challenges and collections will be removed forcing you to have chosen your player.  Then by the next Tuesday, they will post the collections that allow you to cash in your chosen card.  I’ll let you know when it gets solidified.

Fantasy Challenges

I’m also hoping they bring back the fantasy challenges and cards this year.  Last year, there was a series of challenges you could do based on the top real world performers of the week and get special weekly versions of the players.  It added some nice copies of good players and was a lot fun to have unique cards.  I didn’t love the limited time nature of them though.


Keep on building those teams!


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Please vote for my proposed changes to the Madden Ultimate Team collection management.  It will make the game a ton better.


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