Madden 25 Ultimate Team Chemistry

Probably the biggest new addition to Madden Ultimate Team in Madden 25 is the return of chemistry.

It existed a couple of years ago but was based on having players who play on the same team in real life or who went to the same college.  I generally found that it wasn’t that noticeable in gameplay, and more often than not, you really only cared about selecting the best players overall.

This year it’s back and it’s different.

This year’s chemistry is based on philosophy.  There are 8 chemistry types.  You can choose one for your team in the starting lineup screen and you can add a second one once your overall team rating is 85 or higher.  The chemistry types are Short Pass, Long Pass, Ground and Pound, Speed Run, Zone D, Man D, Pass Rush and Run Stuff.

When you choose your captain with your starter pack, it sets your chemistry to whatever his is, but you can change it.

Players will have a symbol or two on the front of their cards indicating what kind of chemistry boost they provide and it will say on the back of their card how much it is.  The amount is the same for all players of the same position and card rarity.

Add up all the chemistry bonuses for all your players and coach to get your value.  The higher the value, the higher the bonus it provides.  The bonuses that each type provides are listed here.

  • Short Pass – PBLK Pass Blocking and CINT Catch in Traffic
  • Long Pass – PBLK Pass Blocking and RRUN Route Running
  • Ground and Pound – RBLK Run Blocking and TRCK Trucking
  • Speed Run – RBLK Run Blocking and ELUS Elusiveness
  • Zone Defense – PREC Play Recognition and ZCOV Zone Coverage
  • Man Defense – PREC Play Recognition and MCOV Man Coverage
  • Pass Rush – BSHD Block Shedding and PUR Pursuit
  • Run Stuff – BSHD Block Shedding and TCKL Tackling

It is true that once you hit 85 and can get 2 chemistry types you can stack bonuses.  I’m not certain how much of a bonus is provided based on your score, but it is noticeable if you just switch your chemistry and keep your team the same.

When you automatically set your lineup, it will take into account your selected team chemistry when choosing between players.

You can also set different lineups with different chemistry types and switch between them.


On the whole, this has been fun so far.  With so many RBs and QBs with similar stats, it allows you to have some fun crafting your team.  When you’re at lower levels, it gives you a real choice between players rather than just picking the highest overall.  I’ll make sure to update as I play more.







Please vote for my proposed changes to the Madden Ultimate Team collection management.  It will make the game a ton better.


4 thoughts on “Madden 25 Ultimate Team Chemistry

  1. Just curious, I see people are getting Chemistry Upgrade cards as a reward? I’ve got a Long Pass offense at 99 and when i add the guy to make it at 102 i still dont get any bonus card or anything? How’s that work?? How do i get the bonus cards (i.e. A defensive one i saw was Revis)

  2. Chem upgrade cards are the exact same as the normal chem card except a boost in their chem. they can be found in packs, i’ve pulled a few so far.

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