Madden 25 first impressions including Ultimate Team

Madden 25 came out yesterday and I was able to play a handful of Ultimate Team games.

The joke is that the game is basically just a roster update, but some years are better than others at making noticeable improvements.  How did they do this year?


They’ve made some interesting changes.  When running, you can target a defender and make your moves like trucking, juking and stiff arms target them.  It’s interesting and makes the animations make a lot more sense.

Passing seems pretty similar.

The addition of a mechanic for read-option plays is awesome, since it’s so different from a normal running play.  In read-option plays it shows you the target defender and  there are controls to hand the ball to the running back or flip it to him, or you can keep it.  It works really, but it’s hard to do well.

They keep emphasizing switching to defenders to make interceptions, and it seems to work pretty well, but that could be due to the fact that the early Ultimate Team solo challenges I played are pretty easy.

Ultimate Team

As you might be able to tell, I love Ultimate Team.  At the same time, I don’t want have to spend money on it.

The big thing this year is the return of Team Chemistry.  It’s a little different now though.  It used to be that players from the same team or college would have a better chemistry and therefore do better on the same team.  It didn’t really do much and just having better players almost always outweighed it.

Now, the chemistry is about playstyle.  Zone defense, man defense, speed running, etc.  You choose your captain to start and that determines your starting chemistry.  I chose Lance Briggs and the Bears.

In my starter pack, I got some worse versions of big name players.  That way I had some halfway decent players to start.  It just felt more fun.  I got Aaron Rodgers and Frank Gore as 75 overall players.

The collections seem much better.  Last year, the team collections required you to give up every good player on the team, which you didn’t want to do because you wanted to use those players.  Now it seems like the collections are mainly the other players, making them a little more desirable.

I did get bonus packs and coins from having played last year as expected.

Solo challenges are back, so you can play without playing online.  They seem to give you enough coins to keep your team decent like last year.  You can get bronze contracts for 100 coins or for 150 on the auction house to keep your team going and even the worst solo challenges give you 500 coins.  So fear not fellow people who don’t want to drop even more cash on Madden.


Let me know if you have any questions about Madden 25.



Please vote for my proposed changes to the Madden Ultimate Team collection management.  It will make the game a ton better.

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