My League of Legends Champions: ADC

With so many champions in League of Legends it can be hard to choose where to start.  As I’ve been playing, I’ve made a point of trying new champions that look interesting to see who I want to have in my rotation.

Since I try not to pigeonhole myself into one role, I’ve been trying to find champions for all the roles.  Here’s what I have so far for attack damage carries.
I basically have two requirements for my champions.

One, they look cool.  No matter how effective they are or how well their play style matches mine, if I don’t think they’re interesting, I won’t like them.  This is the same advice I give to people choosing armies for miniature games.  You’re going to be looking at your champion constantly.  If you don’t like them, you’re gonna get sick of it.

Two, I have to mesh well with their play style.  This is where the free champion rotation comes in.  Play a game or two against bots and just see how they feel.

Miss Fortune
She was the first champion I purchased with IP but I don’t play her as much anymore.  She’s pretty cool and her ult can do a lot of damage, but her poke potential isn’t great and her ult can be dodged without too much difficulty.  She’s still good but as I’ve played more champions, I’ve found out that she’s just not my style but she’s still a good backup.


He’s one of my go-to ADCs now.  Even though you use your abilities a ton, since Mystic Shot adds your whole attack damage and applies on-hit effects, they’re basically enhanced auto-attacks.  The skillshots are a blast to play.  He has an escape ability, which makes him feel less dangerous.


I bought her with IP before I learned that you can get her for free, oops, but it’s not a big deal.  She ends up with a really long range, which is nice to keep you a little safe.  She’s got an escape as well.  It’s fun to have a crazy attack speed end-game.  With the attack speed and the blast damage she can wave clear easily allowing you to get to fun stuff faster.  Her and Ezreal are the two I play the most.


I still like him after his recent nerf.  Catching the axes is a ton of fun, but I haven’t gotten good enough at it to play it in PvP.  I’m going to keep practicing it against bots, but he’s fun.


To Buy:

I’ve been playing a couple of others through the free rotation that I’m going to pick up when they go on sale.


She’s got a great base range.  Her Q has great poke damage and can be used to clear late game.  Her ult can stop people from getting away, even though it can be blocked.  She also has a small escape spell.


I played him a couple of times and had fun, even though he’s different than the other champions I usually play.  I might hold off until I can play him for free again, but the poison is interesting in the laning phase.


Want to Try:

These are on the list of champions to try when they come around in the rotation.  Or I might break down and just buy them if I get antsy.


He seems interesting with a charge up skill shot, some area damage and a good team fight ult.


Dual wielding is always cool and from the few videos I’ve seen, he looks like a blast though his ult seems weird.


Tried and didn’t love.


I tried her a while back so I think I need to give her another chance.  I didn’t get Hawk shot at the time and I think toggling Frost Shot didn’t quite click.  I think I’d like her more now though.  Also, she’s cheap.


I can’t quite put my finger on why I didn’t like Graves.  He doesn’t have a great escape.  I don’t love the smoke screen.  I know he’s a competitive choice but he’s just not my style.


Another I tried a while back.  His ult feels underwhelming even though it has it’s moments.  No escape.  He does have the long range.  I also don’t think he’s as cool as some of the others.


I’m on the fence about Vayne.  Her abilities are cool and skillful, rolling to the right point and trying to knock people into terrain but either I’m just not good enough at it or it wasn’t really that fulfilling.

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