Speed Painting Blindwater Congregation – Part 2: The Non-Gators

Last time, I showed how I speed painted the Gators for my Blindwater Congregation in our Journeyman League.  This time, I’ll show how I did the rest of the army so you can bust out your force with a quickness.

Make sure you read the last post before reading this one as I explained how I blocked out the colors on the models. As I said, in the studio scheme, they use all different colors for different units, which would make our lives pretty difficult if we want to bust these out quickly. I decided on a purple color for the skin of these models and a grayish brown color for the armor parts of the models.  The Swamp Horror’s plates, the Ironback Spitter’s shell and the shells on the Croak Hunter’s back and arms. As a note, some of this will be similar to what we did in part 1.  I will note in the guide what should be done at the same time as the Gators from Part 1.

Step 1: Skin First, we go ahead and basecoat the whole area with a dark purple color.  I used Imperial Purple from Vallejo.

 photo SAM_0016_zps3a9bd6d6.jpg

Next, we drybrush the whole area with a lighter purple, like Lich Purple.

 photo SAM_0017_zps8a69c10a.jpg

After this, we lightly drybrush with an even lighter color.  I went all the way to pink, since the wash we thrown on will darken it up a lot.  I accidentally put this on a little heavy.

 photo SAM_0026_zps665e6279.jpg

Finally, we’re going put a wash over this to smooth out the drybrushing.  Wash the skin using a purple wash with a little black wash mixed in to darken it up.  I used Leviathan Purple with some Badab Black.

 photo SAM_0027_zps3a526c38.jpg


Step 2: Armor This is another 3 stages of drybrushing.  Basecoat the armor with a dark gray like Stormvermin Fur.  The 3 models I did in this stage were the Swamp Horror, Ironback Spitter and a Croak Hunter.

 photo SAM_0027_zps3a526c38.jpg

Then do a heavy drybrush with a lighter stone color.  I used Baneblade Brown.

 photo SAM_0028_zpseed79155.jpg

Finally I lightly drybrush with a final highlight of a very light gray like Rakarth Flesh.

 photo SAM_0029_zps89a13635.jpg

We are going to wash this with the same wash we will use later, so we can leave that for later. Step 3:  Everything else with the Gators In the first post on how to paint the gators, I covered how to do metal, leather and wood, bones, feathers, rope teeth and claws and tongues.  Follow those steps now.  For these models, the Croak had a bunch of them but the swamp horror didn’t have any and the Spitter was only the tongue. You can see the happy little Croak in this picture:

 photo SAM_0038_zps7a9c069f.jpg


Step 4: Final Wash Now do the final wash as presented in the first post while also washing the armor done here is step 2.  Hitting multiple areas with the same wash really saves us time while keeping the areas looking varied.  Avoid the purple skin with the wash.

 photo SAM_0046_zpsa057884d.jpg

And that’s it.  We used 3 different washes instead of one on everything(like a dip) in order to keep the skin more vibrant and to contrast with the rest of the model and we come away with some great tabletop quality models very quickly. You can easily use the same technique but switch up the colors.  Use something instead of purple, or if you want it to be really easy, use the same green as the gators. If you have any questions or other models you want some speed painting tutorials on, just let me know.


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