Convergence of Cyriss on Warroom

So back when Warroom was first released, I decided to make the plunge and pay the $60 to unlock all the factions in the app.  My reasoning was that I wanted it to be able to research the other factions for tournaments or purchasing decisions.  The only other options for this were purchasing all the decks, and then purchasing every book that came out to keep up with the new models.  And even this wouldn’t work all the time since sometimes models are released before their books.  So in I went, feeling pretty good about the decision even if it wasn’t updated with new books, as it was still cheaper than buying the existing faction decks.

Now, PP has released the new Warmachine faction The Convergence of Cyriss, and sure enough the whole faction is there on Warroom.  I may still end up purchasing the book if I start the faction, but the fact that I don’t have to and I can review the cards immediately has totally validated my decision to purchase all the factions.

I’ll still be looking them over in the next couple of weeks but if anyone is considering doing what I did and unlocking everything, just know that it’s worked out for me very well.


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